Bucks officially claim Kendall Marshall off waivers


The Bucks have officially obtained the rights to Kendall Marshall.  Per the team’s press release:

The Milwaukee Bucks have been awarded the contract of guard Kendall Marshall (6-4, 195) on a waiver claim, General Manager John Hammond announced today. Marshall was waived by the Los Angeles Lakers on July 18.

Appearing in 54 games for the Lakers in 2013-14, Marshall, 22, averaged 8.0 points, 8.8 assists and 2.9 rebounds per contest. In his best stretch of the season in January, he tallied at least 10 assists and scored at least 10 points in five consecutive games. He ranked fifth in the NBA in assist-to-turnover ratio (3.18) and shot a career-high 39.9 percent from the 3-point arc. Prior to being called up by the Lakers, Marshall appeared in seven games for the Delaware 87ers of the NBA D-League and averaged 19.4 points, 9.6 assists and 4.7 rebounds.

Marshall has an unguaranteed contract for next season that would pay him $915,243.

Marshall isn’t a skilled athlete, but he is an excellent passer — the 8.8 assists with the Lakers came while playing 29 minutes per game. He is also a really good shooter with a slow release, so you’ll see him hoist his three-pointers from far behind the line just to get them off cleanly with a little bit of forward momentum toward the hoop.

Marshall played for two years at the University of North Carolina with Bucks forward John Henson, before they both left for the 2012 NBA Draft. Marshall was picked with the 13th overall pick by Phoenix before the Bucks nabbed Henson a pick later. In the first of his two collegiate seasons, Marshall, then a freshman, won the starting point guard job from Larry Drew, Jr., who was a junior at the time. Drew, Jr. then left UNC midseason while citing that he was doing what was best for his career, and if you’re looking for a good reason why the Bucks didn’t acquire Marshall last season when he was a free agent, that one is as good as any.

The Bucks are now tied via contract or draft pick or reported signing (Jerryd Bayless) to 17 players when the maximum contract size is just 15. That makes Chris Wright and his non-guaranteed contract a virtual certainty to be cut unless the Bucks swing him in as trade fodder to a team looking for another team looking to cut payroll.

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  1. I guess I’m misreading something — Re: “if you’re looking for a good reason why the Bucks didn’t acquire Marshall last season when he was a free agent, that one is as good as any.” , how does a college junior losing his spot to a freshman (Kendall), then getting butthurt about it and leaving the team count as a negative against Kendall? Were you suggesting that Kendall was a poor locker room presence in college or that he’s got attitude problems or something? I’m just not reading in that paragraph where Kendall has a huge red flag.

    • I’m thinking the implication is that Larry Drew, Sr. was behind that decision to not pick up Marshall. Not sure, however, that a professional coach would allow his son’s feelings to cloud his thinking (even Doc Rivers didn’t chase his son as some predicted he would) on personnel matters.

    • The post isn’t clear, but yes, Larry Drew encouraged his son to bail on UNC in the middle of the season because he lost his starting job. Drew Jr. and Sr. are both punk bit^&es who deserve to be out of basketball… Not a knock on Marshall here.

  2. Drew didn’t think marshall was better than his son and was upset and vocal about pushing for his son to start so how would that look for him to say he didn’t think he was any good and then sign him?

  3. This is excellent news: a low-risk, pass-first, former lottery pick at the point, and with college ties to John Henson. Finally, we have guy who really seems to be a true point guard by temperament and talents. He’s still really young, and I hope he gets a great chance to grow with the Bucks. He might be the distributor and director on the court who helps to make our other young guys better. Well done, front office.

    It seems much easier for guys to learn how to be good scorers in the NBA
    than to teach them the nuances of the point position, which seems to be more of an inborn set of talents.

    P.S. As exciting as it would be to get Eric Bledsoe, to invest more than $50 million in a guy who hasn’t really proven himself as a perennial star is more than a little daunting. Also, I’m not sure if Bledsoe is primarily a point guard or a shooting guard, and I really like Brandon Knight as our primary scorer in the backcourt.

    • I would add that I’m concerned that the meniscus tear that E.Bledsoe suffered last year could see him being unable to produce consistently.

    • Agreed on all points Swisch, this is a zero risk move w/ a nice potential payoff for MKE. Bledsoe has proven nothing yet and looking at his numbers I just don’t see a $50 Million player.

    • I also like that he is 6’4″ and not under 6’1″ …

      any mention of his defensive abilities ??

      Those assist numbers are impressive, especially considering the players he was passing the ball to last year..

      • From what I read elsewhere, Marshall is a heckuva passer, an improving scorer (his shot was weak coming out of UNC), and a below average defender. He lacks the lateral quickness to stay with the top PG’s, but his D is helped by his long arms.

        This is a great pickup by the Bucks. Xmas comes early; apparently the Lakers were waiving him to create cap space, but had hoped to re-sign him.

  4. John Hammond just acquired an asset? For nothing?

    Maybe a leopard can change its spots when the zookeeper sells the zoo to a real owner.

  5. oh look, free advertising……. how low will ppl go lol…… all the more reason to NOT click on dude’s blog lol

  6. Living in LA and watched him a lot last year on the Lakers. His 3 point shooting percentage was a surprise, no one here expected him to be proficient at it (appx. 35% in college) It wouldn’t surprise me if it declines this year since the bucks have so little in terms of post presence. While he sees the floor really well there are large deficiencies in his game. His “olé” style of defense reminded me of Jennings.

    Nice addition but certainly no game changer. It will be interesting to see how the rotations work out this season.

    • Are the bucksketball writers on vacation now that Summer League is over ?? Got some more spam :( to clean up Jeremy and some more trade rumors to start :)

  7. This turned out to be a nice collection of comments, with different people adding their opinions about Kendall and/or maybe a little extra info about our new point guard. Even if there had been disagreement about obtaining Kendall, that would have been good, too. I appreciate having this little forum of Bucksketball for discussion with other avid and knowledgeable Bucks fans, and also appreciate Jeremy & Co. for doing a very good job of leading the way.

    I tend to think most guys who make it into the NBA have the capacity to at least be decent on defense, and that it’s mostly a matter of effort. Also, good coaching for team defense seems really important, both in terms of strategy and also motivation. So I hope Kendall comes into the season ready to improve on defense; and if he’s a little slow of foot, that he learns to compensate with some smart techniques.

  8. Now the Bucks have three PG’s which is nice but for a team with so many other problem areas why would you go after a PG. You have two solid players already… JK must think all you need is PG to win championships…