Carlos Delfino will not play in the FIBA World Cup

Carlos Delfino gets reacquainted with Bucks owner Herb Kohl
Shortly after he signed a year ago, Carlos Delfino got reacquainted with then-Bucks owner Herb Kohl (Credit: Preston Schmitt)

Carlos Delfino will not play in the FIBA World Cup after all.

Per his personal website, Delfino has opted out because the recovery from his broken foot and the subsequent surgery has not progressed to the point where he could play for Argentina’s national team.

Argentina had included Delfino on a preliminary roster a month ago, and Delfino was at Las Vegas earlier with his teammates prior to the start of the Las Vegas Summer League, although he appeared at the time to be quite limited in the basketball activities in which he participated.

A pair of Delfino’s Milwaukee teammates will likely participate in the tournament. Giannis Antetokounmpo is in training with Greece’s national team and Miroslav Raduljica is in camp with Serbia (where he recently insisted that his beard is not a cheap knockoff of James Harden’s).

The FIBA World Cup takes place in Madrid, Spain from August 30 through September 14, finishing just a bit more than two weeks before the start of training camp.

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