Milwaukee Bucks 2014 Vegas Summer League roster announced

Parker will trade in a suit for a jersey next Friday. (Photo by Gary Dineen/NBAE via Getty Images)
Parker will trade in a suit for a jersey next Friday. (Photo by Gary Dineen/NBAE via Getty Images)

The Milwaukee Bucks announced their 2014 Vegas Summer League roster yesterday.

The group is headlined by Jabari Parker and Giannis Antetokounmpo.  Nate Wolters and Chris Wright of last season’s Bucks and second round selection Johnny O’Bryant will be making the trip as well.

Among non-roster players, former Purdue center JaJuan Johnson likely has the most potential. As a senior at Purdue, he was the Big 10 Player of the Year and Defensive Player of the year. He was selected 27th overall in the first round of the 2011 NBA draft by the New Jersey Nets and traded to the Boston Celtics, where he played 36 games as a rookie. Shortly after summer league 2012, Johnson was traded to the Houston Rockets, who waived him before the start of the season. He spent 2013 bouncing around the D-League before heading to Europe last season.

Ben Brust and Jordan Taylor are your former Badgers. The team has no former Marquette players.

In a matchup of the top two picks of the 2014 NBA Draft Milwaukee opens its Summer League campaign on Friday, July 11, at 7 p.m. CT against the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Bucks continue their opening round with games against the Phoenix Suns (Sunday, July 13, at 9 p.m. CT) and Utah Jazz (Monday, July 14, at 9:30 p.m. CT).

34 Giannis Antetokounmpo F 6-11 217 12/06/94 Filathlitikos/Greece 1
5 Gilbert Brown G 6-6 215 09/05/87 Pittsburgh/USA R
13 Ben Brust G 6-1 195 10/03/91 Wisconsin/USA R
23 Kenny Frease C 6-11 281 10/18/89 Xavier/USA R
25 JaJuan Johnson C 6-9 221 02/08/89 Purdue/USA 1
35 Kenny Kadji F 6-10 242 05/19/88 Miami/Cameroon R
20 Johnny O’Bryant C 6-9 256 06/01/93 Louisiana State University/USA R
12 Jabari Parker F 6-8 235 03/15/95 Duke/USA R
17 Jordan Taylor G 6-1 195 09/30/89 Wisconsin/USA R
21 C.J. Williams G 6-5 225 02/06/90 North Carolina State/USA R
6 Nate Wolters G 6-4 190 05/15/91 South Dakota State/USA 1
15 Chris Wright F 6-8 225 09/30/88 Dayton/USA 2

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  1. Giannis 6’11”? Wow. We may see Giannis at the 5 sometime this season (maybe guarding someone like Bosh.) Kidd showed lots of weird mash-ups last year. I mean this guy has to gain 20-30 pounds of muscle to handle the 5 like Larry could. But given his defensive intensity he could be used to guard some lanky 4’s and 5’s.(Having to chase Giannis down on the offensive end won’t be fun for older guys like Pau Gasol and Chris Bosh.) I think Kidd will get the best out of Larry Sanders, just because of his swagger/accomplishments. Maybe he’ll use Henson more but I see him using Larry if he’s at 100% physically and 110% mentally. There’s no doubt you’ll see Henson and Sanders on the court at the same time. I just think you’ll see 25-30 out of Ersan. Ersan needs a coach that can design the offense so he can get open. Kidd is one of the greatest point guards (on the court) ever to play. You’re definitely going to see BK more at the 2 and I’m hoping Wolters will play more. There is no clear cut winner for point guard. I’m just glad to know they’re playing for development and not ‘lets shoot for the 8th seed.’ Wolters Giannis and BK showed offensive promise. I think Jabari is going to be unbelievable at the 4 for this team. Immediate upgrade over Ersan.

    • I think the Bucks starting roster would work best with Henson off the court as a reserve. Sanders, ersan, Giannis, Parker, and Knight would be the best to me. Or throwing in Walters for ersan might work but who knows. Parker is clearly more of a 3 then a 4 by the way. It would be tough for him to match up to true fours instead if stretch 4s as well. Giannis is a three as well he could possibly play 4 and maybe get away as a two guard like PG back in Indiana years ago but that’s difficult to see. And the Bucks have enough talent to make the 8th seed. It depends on Sanders and how much they play defense. We know they’re going to get points from Knight and Parker but defense is more important.

  2. I’m an OKC fan to the core, but The Bucks are my 2nd favorite squad and I think if Kidd does well and gets the best out of his squad, In 2-3 years they could win a chip. Wolters is a great pass first point guard and he can score and grab some boards, very unselfish. BK at the two, hopefully he sticks around could be a Dwade lite type. Now it gets tricky like Nixon. Giannis is 6’11 and will top out over 7 foot when all said and done, reminds me of KG/KD, for the longest time KG stated he was 6’11 blah blah, really is 7’1, same goes for KD, nobody knows how tall he is 6’11, 7 even? I digress, Giannis will be a star, I hope this year is his coming out party with Parker, but more than likely Parker will shine brighter, but Greek Freak year 3, all star 20ppg 8-9rpg 4-5apg 1.5-2bpg and 1spg. He is just too damn skinny, kid must have the metabolism of a meth addict. But does he line up at the 3 or 4? Parker is a 3 for sure and he is going to start, so Giannis who can really play the 2, is going to be forced to play 4 and he is going to struggle a little,but he will overcome. So Larry at the 5 to round out the starting 5 unless we get Lin. Either way, BUCK NATION IS BACK!