Bucks trade with Clippers to acquire a future 1st-round pick

Raduljica has been playing well for Serbia in pre-FIBA tuneups. (Credit: @Twitter/Bucks)

The Milwaukee Bucks have acquired a lottery-protected 2017 first-round pick from the Los Angeles Clippers. The full swap details from the team’s press release:

The Milwaukee Bucks have acquired forward Jared Dudley and a 2017 conditional first round draft pick from the Los Angeles Clippers in exchange for forward Carlos Delfino, center Miroslav Raduljica and a 2015 second round draft pick (previously received from the L.A. Clippers), General Manager John Hammond announced today.

The relevant details were initially tweeted out by Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski, USA Today’s Sam Amick, ESPN’s Marc Stein, and the Journal Sentinel’s Charles F. Gardner.

Dudley had a disappointing season in 2013-14, as he averaged just 6.9 points per game while seeing his playing time shrunk in favor of players like Danny Granger. He has two seasons and $8.5 million remaining on his contract, though he has an early termination option on his contract after next season. The Bucks may still use him in a prominent role given that he is 1) still younger than 30 years old, 2) a good-shooting wing, and 3) a generally well-regarded veteran in NBA circles.

Or maybe not. If they don’t feed him playing time, I’m sure he would be further enticed to use that option and spare the Bucks the financial commitment. And for what it’s worth, Dudley may not be terribly fond of Milwaukee. He once took a verbal swipe at the Bucks, when talking about Steve Nash’s trade to the Lakers. (h/t: Paul Henning).

“I was happy because you always want to have Steve to have a chance to win. [Los Angeles is] close to Phoenix, and if you’re going to leave a franchise where you have that emotion, you want to go to a big-time franchise. If he had gone to the Knicks, I would have been happy. That’s the thing for me, I don’t want to s— on a team, but I didn’t want to go to Milwaukee. You want to go to a team that has history and prestige, and L.A. was a perfect fit.”

Given that Dudley made those comments before the Bucks stumbled to a 15-win season, he may end up just looking for the quickest and nearest exit.

With Dudley’s utility on the downswing and Delfino still recuperating from a foot injury suffered as a Houston Rocket way back in the 2013 playoffs, the most useful player in the deal may turn out to be Raduljica. He is currently faring quite well while getting lots of playing time in international play with Serbia. He will never be a world beater, but he is huge mass of a man who can shoot, pass and rebound, three excellent NBA player traits.

By making a 2-for-1 player swap, the Clippers pushed themselves to the NBA roster minimum of 13 players while dipping ever so slightly below the NBA’s luxury tax threshold. Conversely, the Bucks downsized their roster to 16 players, leaving themselves just one player over the maximum roster size.

Oddly, this trade marks the second time this summer that the Bucks returned a second-round pick to another team via trade. The Bucks had the future rights to a protected second-round pick from the J.J. Redick trade that they will now reportedly give back. They earlier gave back a second-rounder to the Nets as a result of the Jason Kidd hiring.

All-in-all, though, it’s a good day for the Bucks. They secured a first-round pick for next to nothing.

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  1. Wow…great deal for the Bucks, would have liked Rads if he wasn’t 4th C and Delfino was just not necessary

  2. Now maybe they can package Dudley and Bayless to Phoenix for a sign and trade for Bledsoe and offer him a four year contract. A backcourt of Bledsoe-Knight-Marshall-Giannis A and Wolters would be one of the better ones in the NBA. Also, send Ilyasova and Mayo to Golden State or another interested team for a first Round pick and a support-role player. Those moves would certainly make for a very interesting team next year.

    • why would Phoenix want Bayless? Maybe Ilyasova or Mayo, and we would need to get rid of salary to sign Bledsoe, but that would give us a rather small backcourt.

  3. I still can’t see how Ilyasova fits into this basketball team. Keeping him would not be a wise front office decision. He is slow, and would be lucky to play in 50 of the 82 games next season due to small injuries. There are teams out there who want him, and where he would be a better fit. A first round pick in return for Ilyasova would be the perfect scenario.

    • I like the way you’re thinking, Ken, but I don’t know if our players that you mention for trade are valuable enough to get the return that you want.

      To get Bledsoe, we might have to trade Brandon Knight, and that’s a touugh call. Both are highly talented, with alot of potential, but both are largely unproven in the NBA. Bledsoe might be more dynamic with more upside, and Brandon might be more solid and dependable.

      It’s hard for me to picture both Bledsoe and Brandon playing for the Bucks, because I see both of them primarily as shooting guards operating alongside the likes of Kendall and maybe Nate.

      It might be really exciting to take the risk and go with Bledsoe for a possible high reward — if he wants to be in Milwaukee, if his injury seems to have healed strong, and if he seems to be a team-oriented, share-the-ball type of player.

      However, if I had to make this tough choice, I’d stick with Brandon and really get behind him as one of the key players for the future of the Bucks.

  4. Did Delfino even play a game in his second stint as a Buck? Awesome! I always pictured that guy relentlessly hitting on chicks wherever he goes, with his sweaty eastern Europe accent. Gonna miss that…

  5. I’m going to like John Hammond a lot better now that he’s an AA.

    Asset Accumulator.

    Another small step in the right direction. Thumbs up from this long-suffering fan.