The Bucks are trying to make it difficult for you and your friends to not want to buy season tickets

(Photo by Gregory Shamus/NBAE via Getty Images)
(Photo by Gregory Shamus/NBAE via Getty Images)

Okay. I’m the last guy who is ever going to tell you to purchase tickets to watch the Milwaukee Bucks play basketball. Actually, I once wrote about how you should actively avoid doing so to send a message that you were unhappy. The crux of that article was that playing for the eighth seed was stupid and I was going going to end up in a straight jacket humming the tune to Laverne and Shirley while Monta Ellis and Brandon Jennings pranced around the court in my mind over and over, knowing and delighting in it that they were driving me mad.

But, I’ll admit – times have changed. The Bucks aren’t going to be good this season. ESPN minds think they’ll end up as the worst team in the Eastern Conference. The summer league version of the team won only one game. This is what we all asked for.

The team is rebuilding. Judging from the OWN THE FUTURE tagline I’ve seen on television, Twitter and billboards around town, the future is front and center in the minds of the marketing people, the same way it’s on the minds of the front office. So the Bucks are giving you what seems like a pretty rare opportunity to be apart of that future in your own little way, for less money than it would typically take.

The Bucks want you to “Cheer the Future” (there’s that future thing again), which means they’ve created a ticket deal for you to engage with. I only write about it because it does seem like a unique promotion, certainly not one that I recall another team doing. But I’m kind of a young fella and I don’t pay much attention to what other teams do in terms of season tickets. From the release:

The “Cheer the Future” ticket plan will give longtime and new fans alike an opportunity to reconnect with the Bucks and its new, young and dynamic roster. Groups of fans can pool resources and share seats in select locations – the more games attended in the 2014-15 season, the greater the discount for the 2015-16. Fans that attend at least 30 Bucks games during the 2014-15 season will receive a 50 percent discount off the same seats in 2015-16; those that attend at least 35 games will receive a 75 percent discount; and those that cheer the deer at all 40 home games can attend year two for free.

Maybe that’s a bit tough to understand, so let me try and simplify with an example. If you and three of your friends are all about the Bucks, but busy with life stuff, you can purchase two season tickets as a group. If two of the four of you are able to make it to every game, you’ll get those seats again next season. If you guys make 35 games collectively, you’ll get 75% off and so on. After that, hopefully you’ll all have come up big in your day-to-day life so you can commit more time to the Bucks next year. Then you can buy the seats next to it and all four of you can go to a game together for once, rather than battle out which two sad sacks are going to have to watch Larry Sanders foul Al Horford over and over again when the Hawks come to town and which two are going to be there when Lebron James comes to drop in 50 points once again.

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This concludes my shilling.

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