Buck Hits: 82 games on TV, the Bucks are working out, and dancing, dancing, dancing

I spy Damien Inglis without a walking boot (Photo credit: Bucks.com)

Media Day is just a couple of weeks away for the Bucks, and just like 29 other NBA teams, they’ll stay undefeated in the regular season for most of October. So while it is always easy to be optimistic at this time of year, new ownership and a young nucleus make it particularly easy to be high on the Bucks this year.

Fox Sports: Fox Sports Wisconsin will broadcast 80 Bucks games this year. When combined with the two games slated to be shown nationally on NBATV (Dec. 30 at Charlotte, Jan. 15 vs. New York), the Bucks are getting TV coverage for the full 82-game schedule.

This news stands in marked contrast to previous years. Last year, the Bucks only had 75 games scheduled for TV coverage, tying them with the Atlanta Hawks for the fewest number of broadcast games. This year, they will be in a tie for first (unless someone gets 83, right?)

So why do the Bucks suddenly have full coverage on TV? It had to be a push from new ownership. Credit Marc Lasry and Wes Edens for recognizing and dealing with a short-term hurdle with an eye toward long-term success in Milwaukee. Taking the steps to develop a talented team and a deep fanbase is never a bad move, even if it isn’t the cheapest, quickest or most expedient way to make things look pretty in the short term.

FSW will also broadcast the Oct. 22 preseason game against the Timberwolves, and they will be using the same broadcast personnel. Jon McGlocklin and Sidney Moncrief will continue to split the play-by-play duties with McGlocklin doing most of the BMOHBC games.

Grantland: Andrew Sharp tries to make the case that the Bucks need to acquire Eric Bledsoe.

In that case, how many other times do you have an opportunity to sign a 24-year-old who has a shot at becoming a superstar? This is a rare case where it really doesn’t make sense for that star’s team to keep him, but it’s not a reflection on anything Bledsoe can’t do. Short of bottoming out again this year, and landing a point guard in next year’s draft, this is the easiest way for the Bucks to solve their biggest problem.

Sharp also tries to put together some trade scenarios and cap maneuvers that make the most sense.

Bucks.com: The Bucks posted some pictures of today’s voluntary workouts, and a large of Bucks are volunteering. The participants included Giannis Antetokounmpo, Damien Inglis (above, with no walking boot), Larry Sanders (in goggles), Ersan Ilyasova, Brandon Knight, Khris Middleton, John Henson, Zaza Pachulia, Nate Wolters, Jared Dudley, Kendall Marshall, Johnny O’Bryant, and Chris Wright.

That’s at least 14 players at a minimum, possibly more if Jerryd Bayless or O.J. Mayo were lurking around behind the scenes.

CBS 58: (VIDEO) The Bucks held their tryouts for their Grand Dancers (formerly Seniorgee). Unfortunately, one had to be 55 or older to tryout. The individual dancers will find out their respective fates in a week.

ESPN: For a number of years, ESPN has bridged the NBA lull in September with a countdown from #500 down to #1 of the 500 best current NBA players. To date, the players from 351-500 have been listed and the Bucks have only had three names called.

#492: Johnny O’Bryant

#452: Chris Wright

#450: Damien Inglis

Subtraction and a subjective ranking of the Bucks players indicate that they will have 13 players in the top 350. Perhaps Milwaukee won’t be deep at the top of the chart, but they do seems to have a large number of intriguing players and this ESPN ranking agrees.

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  1. Never really understood why they didn’t have a full slate anyways. I know there’s some lame games tossed in there throughout the year with the Bucks, but I can’t imagine hockey telecasts are that much more popular.