Episode 13: Offseason Review, Roster Breakdown and Arena Update

Just in time for training camp, the Bucksketball podcast is back. Look, we even have a new logo!

Nick Whalen, Preston Schmitt and Bucksketball himself, Jeremy Schmidt, discuss an eventful Bucks offseason. How does Kendall Marshall fit in with this roster? What position should Jabari Parker play? Is Ersan Ilyasova still on the team? Plus, a waaaay-too-late draft evaluation and an update on the progress – or possible lack thereof – in the Bucks’ quest for a new arena.

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  1. Do you just record on skype? Sounds like you’re in a sewer or something, especially Preston’s bits. Not being an ass, but it is difficult to listen to in 2014

    • Did you listen past the first couple minutes? It seems like it evens out pretty quick after the start.