Episode 14: Point Guards, Media Day and More Point Guards

Nick Whalen, Jeremy Schmidt and Preston Schmitt are back with the second Bucksketball podcast of the preseason. In this episode, we talk Bucks media day, assess the situation at point guard and banter about whether or not Giannis is, indeed, the second coming of Magic Johnson. Plus, Jeremy shares a message from a very straightforward fortune cookie.

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  1. completely off base on Knight and not taking any of the variables into consideration when talking about his season last year. His numbers were legit at 18,5,and 4 on a team in complete flux. Playing with all backups. 20,5,4 after the all star break while being the focal point of every defense. His turnovers went down as well. He can’t pass and shoot. He was the best offensive player and that’s why he played with Nate and Sessions. He is easily the Best Pg on this team and one of the best young point guards in the league. Check back in in two months.

    • By what measure is he “one of the best young point guards in this league”? I’m just trying to gauge where you’re coming from, because that sounds like the kind of thing someone just says without much substance behind it.

      It would be difficult to make a case that he is superior to any of the following young point guards:

      Kyrie Irving
      Eric Bledsoe
      John Wall
      Damian LIllard
      Jrue Holiday
      Kemba Walker
      Isaiah Thomas

      And those are just the point guards 24 and under. Also Brandon said the other day that he felt like he didn’t make the strides he wanted to as a point guard last season. He did a good job of cutting turnovers and improving his assist rate last season and I feel like we acknowledged that last season was his best one.

      How were we “completely off base”?

      • someone said his being a PG wasn’t steeped in reality or some nonsense. That’s disrespectful. His numbers aren’t that far off from the guys you mentioned. His fg percentage should’ve been higher but the drop in 3 point percentage largely lended to that. He got down early because he wasn’t healthy and had to fight bringing it up all year.

        Line the numbers up across the board. They are similar and those guys all had more support without being the focus of the defense on a new team with a new coaching staff. Check his stats when he plays against those guys. Ask them if he can play.

        Say you wanna see more and that’s fair. Say you want to see him improve and that’s fair. To say a 22 year old just isn’t something with such definitiveness is irresponsible.

        Of course he is going to say that. He isn’t satisfied. His team won 15 games. He wants to make everyone better.

      • of the players you listed only 3 are far superior to knight; wall, lillard, and irving are dominantly better than him. Bledsoe and Walker are better than knight, but I question the other choices. Anyways I guess my point is Knight is no where near elite, but he sure as hell has a lot of potential. The numbers he put up were not that bad. I think the nba is starting to get away from the traditional positions that it use to have; is he a true point? no, but he can function as one if you also have giannis bringing the ball up and partially running the offense through him

  2. I liked the part about fawns. Good work guys. But seriously, one of you said that BK wanted to be point guard for the money. That just makes no sense at all. What makes you even say that based on what he’s said? I get the part about him not being a true point guard though. The bottom line is that Knight is our best point guard when you look at athleticism and overall scoring ability so he will get minutes. Can he be a “true” point? I don’t know. It will definitely be fun to see how it all plays out.

  3. I mean we signed about 18 PGs its like we are the poor man’s version of the PHX Suns. Knight can’t be the #1 option if we want to win, or compete. He improved his his scoring assist, ok I get that but his shooting and offense efficiency just doesn’t justify him being a top 5 guard under 25yrs old. he’s can be a slasher score 1st pass 2nd combo, but you don’t win with that type of player, on crappy team (STEPH MARBURY) he averaged 15 shots a game and could only average 17.9 ppg, shows a shooter that can’t shoot / scorer that can’t score.