Episode 15: Preseason Primer

On the eve of the preseason, Nick Whalen, Preston Schmitt and Jeremy Schmidt discuss the frontcourt situation, provide realistic expectations for Larry Sanders and decide whether preseason games are worth getting excited about (spoiler: they’re not). Plus, Jeremy makes his haiku-ing debut.

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  1. The problem with saying that there are a bunch of better point guards is what other pint guard would sin with the bucks?? The draft this year has one high level guard in mudiey, but he is expected to go top 3 and it’s hard to guarantee that th bucks will be in the range to pick him. Knight is not the best point guard, but how much would they have to give up to get a better guard??

  2. Could we get an RSS feed of the podcast? I don’t use itunes, and it would be nice to listen in my RSS podcast program.


  3. I jabari just seems undersized the be guarding the 4. Also Henson is not strong enough to hold his own at center