Episode 18: The Bucks Won Two Games In A Row

In this episode, Nick, Preston and Jeremy analyze the Bucks’ first two-game winning streak in more than a year-and-a-half, preview the preseason finale, and struggle with two of life’s most powerful enemies: bread and technology.

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  1. Hint: everyone records there own audio while on skype, than combine the audio files. rather than one person recording the skype voices. A little more work from a syncing standpoint but better quality

  2. I think there is more value to Wolters than has been mentioned since his injury last season. I have seen the stat floating around on other sites about his assist to turnover ratio last season being the 5th best in the league (with Marshall next). I believe he lead the team in the +/- stat and was overall relatively close to even (0) despite the Buck’s losing record. Also his” defensive real plus minus” was 5th in the league amongst PGs. You guys had some more advanced stats last year about his defense, specifically around the perimeter, being one of the best on the team. I realize much of this has been sort of a different tier of stats than simply points, assists, rebounds, etc but I think even those were decent for a rookie on a 15-win team.

  3. Marshall’s 3 point shooting percentage his rookie season: 23-73 ; 31%
    Wolters 3 point shooting percentage his rookie season: 18-62 ; 29%

    But Marshall can shoot and Wolters can’t? Rookies tend not to shoot the greatest their rookie year. Nate puts in WAY to much work to be a bad shooter. He is the definition of a gym rat. Look for much improvement from him in terms of shooting.

    – Couple of quick notes: Nate was playing on bum ankle during the Summer League and Summer league means absolutely nothing, its pretty much rez ball ; Nate changed his shot after his senior season at South Dakota State.

    • Also go look at what Nate shot the last 2 months of the season from 3. Those numbers might surprise you as well……

      • I watched Nate Wolters miss the rim to the left on a three point shot last night. He wasn’t short – he was left. It looked like he hit a bad golf shot.

        • So no good shooters have ever missed like that or air balled a shot before? Sometimes the ball just comes off bad especially if you rush the shot. You’re picking. How about Parker’s air mail shot from 3 feet from the basket? Or what about Giannas game last night? His shots were pretty far off as well. Just admit that you aren’t a fan of Wolters. It was weird last night when Wolters came into the game and the offense actually moved the ball unlike when Knight was running the show. How many forced shot did knight put up? Or how many time did he force things to the basket when nothing was there?

          If Wolters doesn’t get run this season, he needs out of Milwaukee. There are plenty of teams in the league that could use a point guard like him.

          • We just did a lengthy post about how Giannis is struggling as a shooter. When players play good we write about them playing good. When players play bad, we write about them playing bad. I think the recap I wrote of last night’s game reflected very kindly on Wolters strong play.

            I understand that you like South Dakota State and players who played there, but there are reasons that he’s a bit glossed over. He doesn’t have the same sort of potential other players on the roster do. That’s why other players get more attention and more opportunity. He’s done a great job of making the most of his minutes, but to act like it’s very relevant that the Bucks offense in preseason moving better with Nate Wolters guiding it is silly, for this season is not about this season.

            It’s about getting the players with the most potential to advance towards that potential. Wolters could be a fine player, but there less of a chance that he’ll be as impactful an NBA player as guys like Knight and Giannis.

  4. The job of a point guard is to run your teams offense as efficiently as possible and not be a liabilty on the defensive end. I can stand a point guard who shoots 30 to 35% on 3’s IF he gets the whole team involved by passing, driving and dishing and taking care of the basketball and scoring enough to keep the defenses honest. I guess the bottom line is “who gives us the best chance of winning” and right now I would say that Wolters and Marshall are the two guys who should get the most time at the PG spot.