Larry Sanders nearly scored on his own goal (VIDEO)

Larry Sanders nearly duplicated a feat he first pulled off in high school. And it was not a good one.

Following a fourth quarter jump ball in his own end, Sanders corraled the tip and took a decisive dribble toward the basket — the WRONG basket — before realizing the error in his ways.

In his first game as a gangly high schooler who preferred skateboards to backboards, Sanders once did the same thing and followed through on it.

“Go back to his first organized game — three years ago as a 10th-grader on the Port St. Lucie junior varsity team — to measure his growth as a player.

Sanders scored on the wrong basket at the start of the second half.

“I didn’t know they switched baskets,” he said with a grin. “My IQ for the game was very low. They had to teach me everything.”

Check out Jason Kidd in the background.

The Bucks won their home opener against the Philadelphia 76ers, 93-81.

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