The dry witticisms (Kiddicisms?) of Milwaukee’s new head coach

Jason Kidd at his introductory press conference in July. He was more fun at Media Day. (Photo by Mike McGinnis/Getty Images)
Jason Kidd at his introductory press conference in July. He was more fun at Media Day. (Photo by Mike McGinnis/Getty Images)

Jason Kidd came to Milwaukee with a less than sterling reputation with the East Coast media. They all seemed to hold some grudges and were quick to bury him when he was leaving Brooklyn for Milwaukee. But he seemed just swell up on display in front of the Milwaukee media on Monday morning at the Cousins Center during Media Day.

In Brooklyn, his demeanor was remenescant of former Milwaukee Bucks coach and fellow ex-point guard Scott Skiles. Perhaps even more so than Kidd, Skiles never seemed all that thrilled with the media obligations of being a head coach. Throughout the season, head coaches are forced to give the media some time — as often as three times a day — which would be draining on even the most personable people. But Skiles and Kidd seem to hold the media at arm’s length, aware that they can both be an ally or nemesis, depending on the situation.

But Kidd seemed not terribly bothered when engaging with the local media at Media Day and at times, he was almost playful. We’ve assembled a collection of some of his more biting, but good spirited quotes.

Rolling, not popping. If you pop, you get traded.

Kidd was talking about Larry Sanders and his relationship with new assistant coach Greg Foster. Sounds like Sanders and John Henson will have some pressure on them to avoid being stationary after screens. Kidd assured us he was only kidding after this comment, but WE’LL SEE. He wants his big men heading towards the rim, not drifting away from it. Unclear if Kidd is aware Ersan Ilyasova is on the team.

I’m still not sure either, coach.

For me it was more or less watching what Grant Hill was doing. 

Oh, the life of a number two pick. Kidd was pressed on what it was like for him when he was in Jabari Parker’s shoes. Jason Kidd the player had to get up in the morning and read the newspaper to find out what Grant Hill did the night before. Such a competitor. Also, the newspaper! And then he probably popped in a VHS tape and watched the game from the night before. Old people, amiright!?

Analytical, they say it’s 4.3 years.

Analytics! Analytical! Haha. Those crazy kids with their numbers and ties and pants that are either too tight or too baggy and shirts that either fit very well or always have short sleeves. Coach Kidd was asked how long the rebuilding process would take and he dropped some serious science. He clarified the timeline a bit and said they don’t know exactly but they’ll try to get better every day.

We’ll let you guys write about that. For us, internally, it’s about gettin’ better.

What’s a good season? WE KNOW YOU’LL TELL US AT SOME POINT, MEDIA! Haha. Coach Kidd isn’t worried about predicting what will or won’t be a good season in late September. He’s just worried about tomorrow.

I think we can go a little bit longer.

Young guys! Now that he isn’t coaching a bunch of dinosaurs with rocks for bones, he can actually have practices again. Kevin Garnett is so old.

Playoffs? We’re just focused on training camp. Let’s us get through training camp first before we start thinking about playoffs.

This particular media member wanted answers. ARE THE PLAYOFFS WITHIN REACH!? That seems like a leap. I don’t now why that would even have to be asked. The organization has been playing down expectations for months and Monday was one giant press conference around the idea of this team isn’t that good but could be in a few years.

I don’t keep count of the conversations, but we’ve had a lot.

How many times has Coach Kidd spoken to Larry Sanders? More than he can count!

I saw him. He’s breathing. So, I don’t know if I have to revive him. I’m looking for him to have a good year.

Good news on the O.J. Mayo front: He’s alive. He didn’t speak to the media on Monday, but he was spotted walking around. And I don’t mean he was spotted and it was weird, like some sort of Weekend at Bernie’s elaborate walking around routine. He had no rigor mortis. He looked fit. It sounded like he was even going to have a physical.

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