Do you believe in Magic in a young Bucks heart? Bucks-Magic Preview

The Milwaukee Bucks are looking for a winning record tonight and three consecutive wins for the first time since former Marquette point guard Jim Boylan was coaching the team. “He never got a fair shake!” is a thing that I never said about Boylan. Honestly, he had a tough assignment having to coach with two uncouth ruffians on his team.

What to Watch For: Bucks

The question of whether the Bucks actually have a good defense or they’re just getting lucky with an early string of offensively stagnant opponents isn’t going to get answered tonight. The Orland Magic are ranked 28 in offensive rating.

The Magic’s offense is bad in a completely different way compared to their other opponents. The Bucks have run gotten a string of poor shooting teams. The Magic can shoot. They have a team three-point percentage of .401 and an effective field goal percentage of .506. Their offense fails in every other category that isn’t shooting: lots of turnovers (that’s just what you have to live with having a rookie point guard and an overall young team), very few free throws, and despite having Nikola “Vucci Mane” Vucevic, they don’t get many offensive rebounds.

Because the Magic squander so many possessions, expect the offense to look especially good tonight. Brandon “I only play at one speed” Knight and the rest of the offense does its best work when they’ve got the defense backpedaling and has no time to get set.

What to Watch For: Magic

The Tobias Harris bandwagon still runs strong in the Bucksketball comments. He’s doing pretty well for himself this year. His shooting threes at the NBA average(which is exactly what I was willing to settle for from him), he’s a heck of a rebounder, and he’s a very efficient scorer. He’s also become an excellent trash talker.


I’ve been doing an excellent, but unflattering imitation of Tyler Hansborough on the basketball court for over two decades, so Harris will always have a friend in me.

The problem is that the ball sticks to his hands. He’s got the second highest usage rate on the team behind Vucci Mane, but he has one of the lowest assist rates on the team.


Time – 6:00 p.m. CST  TV – FS-Wisconsin  Radio – 620 WTMJ

Injury Report

Bucks: Khris Middleton (Day-to-Day)

Magic: Victor Oladipo (Out); Kyle O’Quinn (Out); Devyn Marble (Out)

Starting Lineups

Bucks: Brandon Knight – Jared Dudley – Ersan Ilysasova – Jabari Parker  Larry Sanders (probably, maybe)

Magic: Elfrid Payton – Evan Fournier – Tobias Harris – Channing Frye – Nikola Vucevic




Choose the Form of the Destroyer: It’s all Vucci baby

Larry Sanders is on a roll, so Vucevic probably won’t have his best game tonight. But I like him and I want to see him get a 30-20

Prediction: John Hammond trades Tobias Harris midgame for two second round picks

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  1. Any chance that the Bucks could trade FOR Tobias at halftime for a couple of our veterans? I actually like our vets, but they’re taking up too many minutes, plus it seems to me that O.J., Jared and Jerryd are somewhat redundant with respect to their roles on the court.

    Actually, it might be somewhat redundant to re-acquire Tobias, since his frame and game seem to be a lot like Jabari’s. I might be way off about this, but they seem similar to me in their build and their athleticism and their skills, and it’ll be interesting to see how their careers progress. I hope both do great, and at least one of them for the Bucks.

    As the driver of the Tobias bandwagon, I would say that it doesn’t appear that Tobias shoots the ball more than a moderate amount. I don’t know what usage rate means, but I don’t get the impression that the ball sticks in his hands. Saying he doesn’t get a lot of assists is like saying that Jabari doesn’t get a lot of them. Tobias seems to be very unselfish.

    Anyway, besides missing Tobias for himself, the key to remembering the debacle of his trade is to not make the same mistake with John Henson, or anyone else. Tobias never got a fair chance with the Bucks, and neither has John. There’s always some excuse for not playing John, but how do we really know what we have in him on the court unless he gets something like 24 minutes per game on a consistent basis?

    • I think they’re deep enough in the frontcourt as it is. Would love to dump Ersan for him but I doubt they would, he seems to be a part of their core. Someone who interests me is a dude like Moe Harkless. Young, defends multiple positions and has great athleticism. Kinda like a few of the Bucks.