Episode 23: Recapping the Weekend, Previewing #TheReturn

In this episode, Nick, Jeremy and hot take machine Preston recap the Bucks’ Sunshine State road trip, discuss Jason Kidd’s rotations, and preview #TheReturn to Brooklyn on Wednesday.

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  1. TheLastoftheBucksFans

    Carmelo is kind of a dude….lol. That has to be the best line of the day. Also, we still love Preston, but I would just say that some players deserve more…attention lets say than Knight does. I don’t think Knight necessarily has a “cult following” either. I prefer to call us Bucks fans.

    As another commenter stated:

  2. Another great podcast guys. I do want to address some of your John Henson concerns. I agree with you that the main issue in his getting minutes is that he is missing out at all the PF minute. Giannis and Jabari are now playing together a decent amount (if the avoid fouls) and that takes up both forward spots. Ilyasova at least forces teams to pay attention to him by the three point line which helps us free up space for penetration. The other issue that I think you guys are overlooking is how Henson has gotten absolutely abused on defense and the boards by Centers with any bulk at all. Pau Gasol basically put Henson on his back and carried him around the court in the Bulls game and I have seen Kidd avoid using him against similar players since then. I think that Henson may have just gotten unlucky with the players the Bucks drafted in the years around him. I do not see where he fits into the team long term if any big center can dominate him. I think it might be time to trade him to a team looking for rim protection at the PF position. He certainly has a place in this league I just don’t see how the Bucks can use him with Jabari and Giannis taking up so many of his minutes, as well as the Bucks need for spacing for their attacking style offense to work.

    Keep up the good work