Episode 24: The Emergency Podcast

After what went down Wednesday night – #TheReturn, The Layup, a three-game winning streak – we literally had no choice but to record an emergency podcast. Jeremy, Preston and Nick go off the cuff about the 122-118 victory as well as preview Friday’s game in Toronto and Saturday’s game against the Wizards.

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  1. Thanks for the late night podcast. It made having to work a lot better. On chemistry I have to disagree that it is the veterans who are responsible for the good chemistry. In my opinion the team really mirrors Giannis’s personality. Kidd is doing an excellent job of harnessing this, but I think that the excited, hungry, fun team really mirrors Giannis. I think that the Bucks can win with this young core. I agree with Preston that if the playoff run comes on the backs of Giannis and Jabari (I would include Knight) it would be a good thing. Adding a good player would be great but I think it is unlikely we will get another potential superstar in the draft. Most teams can only get 2 and with what I saw tonight, these 2 can be good enough. Keep the podcasts coming.

    • I’d say it’s probably the young guys getting along and the veterans/Kidd helping balance things out. Giannis doesn’t appear to be a big voice in the locker room, but the guys do seem to respond to him on the court. But he doesn’t really seem to be a “temperature setter” so to speak.

  2. “Yeah I think most of the other time their offense looked Bogged-don-o-vić”

    Probably the loudest I’ve ever groaned.

  3. I was really worried about this Raptors match-up, but then I looked deeper. They’re not a great shooting team, don’t rebound that well, don’t share the ball well, etc. And then I looked at their schedule, they’ve had arguably an easier schedule than the Bucks. And of the good teams they’ve played (Miami, Memphis, Wizards, Bulls), they’re 2-2. And they squeaked out against Memphis who was without a couple starters and rotation players because of illness. I don’t know if they’re really that daunting. I think it will be close, but the Wizards game won’t be fun in my opinion.

  4. Hey guys great podcast. Got me through the end of my shift.

    Someone needs to give Preston a puppy or something, total negative nancy.