Giannis Antetokounmpo has a new move

Giannis Antetokounmpo has a number of unbelievable moves in transition, but they keep appearing in new and interesting iterations. This one starts near the 3-pt. circle with a crossover, gets plump in the middle with a jump stop, and ends with a dunk to finish it off.

The recipient of the move was Kostas Papanikolau, Giannis’ countryman. It’s not nice to do that do your own guy, Giannis.

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  1. is it just me, or is that “new move” actually travelling? I know it wasnt called, but i saw 3 steps (1 then 2 at once on the jumpstop)…… last i checked, thats travelling. Have the rules been amended to allow a jumpstop after a step? did I miss something? or is this just part of the NBA keeping the scoring up?

  2. actually, slow the tape down, thats FOUR steps from the last time the ball hits the floor, its a 1-2 stutter step, followed by a jump stop.

    • played it back around 10 times, i have no idea where you get getting 3 steps from. he makes one power jump i will do print screens for you zoomed in close if you still are not convinced.

  3. was 2 steps. just looks weird because he is so lanky. but if you want to slow the tape down on every nba layup go ahead. they are not going to call traveling unless its really obvious.

      • IMO, that one is a travel, albeit one that is very rarely, if ever, called in the NBA. It looks to me like his last dribble is before he plants his right foot outside the 3. That means he goes left foot pivot, right foot, left foot, right foot, three steps.

        This one here is not a travel at all, at any level. Against, just my opinion.

        • The ball isn’t gathered back into his hand until he is planting off his right foot, making it a simple jump stop. Also, you get two full steps plus a shooting action before a traveling violation occurs. Yeesh, if you’re going to complain about fundamentals you may want to learn them first.

  4. If you see a traveling on that highlight you need your eyes checked, its so far from a travel it’s laughable that this conversation is occurring.