VIDEO: No easy way out for the Bucks, Kidd. Also no shortcut home.

Finally, the Milwaukee Bucks have the Rocky movie training sequence video we’ve all been waiting for.

An absolute Milwaukee hero … you know what, that’s not enough.

A┬áman who should have his statue built in front of any arena built in the Greater Milwaukee area in the upcoming half decade, DavidDunn21 on Twitter, has put together this incredible video encapsulating the rise and fall of the Milwaukee Bucks, along with Jason Kidd’s presumed personal struggle to stick it to the Brooklyn Nets. He mashes up a variety of clips of Mikhail Prokhorov working out and doing flips on a jet-ski alongside Kidd’s recent “driving around the streets of Milwaukee” Bucks commercial. He also combines some glorious moments and depressing moments in Bucks history to really give you the sense of the rise and subsequent hard fall of the Bucks.

The video of course plays off the legendary training sequence in Rocky IV.

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