Episode 26: Bucks Going Down, On A Tuesday

In this episode, Nick, Preston and Jeremy recap Tuesday’s loss to Cleveland, discuss Ersan’s trade value, and take a look at the carnage that awaits on the December schedule. Plus, the guys use a hot new Internet tool called “Google” to get to the bottom of why Jeremy’s apartment is so unbearably dry.

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  1. Is it just me or does this team kind of remind you of the “fear the dear” year? Get off to a promising start with some young talent, have an awful december (I know they haven’t had one yet, but I think we can all see it coming) and then have a surprising second half? I think that this team could do that because they’re getting better each game which could set them up for a strong finish. I don’t know, just a thought. Obviously we’d need a version of John Salmons to make it happen. Maybe OJ will start scoring later in the year and be that guy.

    • Agreed, it has that kind of feel. Like you can see guys gaining confidence and Kidd getting to know how to use everyone. I think they’ve clearly progressed since the first game in Charlotte when they blew the big lead.

  2. Simple way to escape shocking yourself: touch things with the back of your hand. It has less pain receptors than the palm of your hand/the pads of your fingers, so you barely will feel it if you touch things with the back of your hand to get the weak shock out of the way.

    Something about the place that I work shocks everybody every single time we open a door, so we’ve all learned to touch it with the back of our hands before opening it.