Episode 27: Preston Went To A Riff Raff Concert

In this episode, Nick, Preston and Jeremy debate the futures of Milwaukee’s young role players, provide realistic expectations for December, and analyze Zach Lowe’s recent Bucks feature on Grantland.

As promised, here’s the Puerto Rican Arroyo art (click to enlarge):











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  1. Personally, I took Lasry’s quote to mean more along the lines of “The best case scenario is that we get to play our young guys a lot and they lead us to the playoffs.” I get the impression that developing Giannis and Jabari, and seeing what we have in Knight and Larry are their top priorities, and THEN comes winning. If we happen to do those things and win at the same time, that is the best case scenario.

    • And regarding Knight, I took Kidd and Hammond’s comments to basically mean something along the lines of “While Knight isn’t a natural playmaker/pure point, we see that he has vision for it when he slows down a bit. If we play to his strengths, he can be a great player for us.”

      Like Lowe mentioned, if you add more ball-handling and shooting around Knight, things suddenly open up much more for him and it will allow him to play to his strengths. If Jabari and Giannis become guys that you can run the offense through and can initiate offense like we hope they will, Knight is a great complement to them IMO. He’s very good off the ball, and if he’s a secondary or tertiary ball-handler, he’s a capable playmaker in that role. It’s when he tries to go too fast or do too much that he really runs into trouble.

      I think Knight is a part of our core, but we’ll see.