Giannis does a new, crazy entirely spectacular thing

Late in the first half against the Sacramento Kings, Giannis Antetokounmpo and Brandon Knight made a terrific play together. Giannis set a pick to Knight’s left, forced a switch, and then set up against Darren Collison at the elbow. The size mismatch drew Rudy Gay to help, and Antetokounmpo got the ball the Knight for a three-point make.

That left the Kings with a handful of seconds to try for a shot of their own, and Rudy Gay decided on a rolling inbounds play to save a few ticks.

Not only does Giannis attack like a pin trying to knock over a bowling ball, but he also has the presence of mind to kick an accurate pass out to Knight for a three-point try.

Knight ultimately missed the shot and definitely made a point of voicing his displeasure over the non-foul call. Did he kick his leg out to try and bait the call? Probably, but he did have to lunge into the shot to get it off over Rudy Gay, who was doing his best to save face at that point.

So now, when you’re watching basketball around the holidays, and Grandma asks, “If they just roll the ball on the ground like that, why doesn’t somebody come and take it?”, you can officially reply, “Good point, Grandma. I don’t know. They should just come up and take it.”

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