Episode 30: Larry, Suns, Tinder & Winter Hats

In this episode, Nick, Jeremy and Preston recap Tuesday’s loss to Phoenix, try to make sense of the Larry Sanders situation and debate the merits of using Tinder.

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  1. Hi Guys, I found the comment related to women/people saying they like College basketball as ‘Coded Racism’ was highly entertaining and profoundly accurate. I know the podcast might not be the place to discuss it further, but I would enjoy listening to you expound on the topic. I also hear many people say that ‘NBA players don’t play defense’ or ‘I think College Teams play the game the right way’ etc…. As anyone who has ever played Basketball knows, a talented offensive player will find a way to beat a defense every time because there are dozens of ways that they can create space and get a shot off against a defense that is backpedaling and trying to react. The NBA is filled with the most talented offensive (and defensive) players in the world. They have also dedicated themselves completely (with exception of Larry Sanders) to the game and are highly competitive. I can only imagine that they try very hard on defense as they want to win. College teams often play at a slower pace because they don’t have the athletic talent to run the floor, dunk, and breakdown defenses. It appears that these teams are more ‘dedicated’ to defense because they aren’t facing competition that can break down their schemes immediately. Anyhow, sorry for the rant…but maybe a good topic for discussion on the podcast someday. Regards, – A dedicated Antetokounmpo Fan

    • Thanks for the comment, Ken.

      Another thing I see frequently is people who write things like “they don’t call traveling in the NBA!” as a caption on a Youtube video they share on Facebook that calls out one play in which traveling could have been called but wasn’t, as if this is proof of a flaw in the pro game. Drives me mad.

      I think it’s all related and I’m glad you picked up on that from my comment. I’m not sure if we’ll revisit, but it’s something that’s certainly often on my mind.

    • TheLastoftheBucksFans

      I was kind of wondering why the other guys who write for the site don’t ever come on. Also, Jon Hartzell should come back..shout out to Brown Deer.

  2. TheLastoftheBucksFans

    It was a bit ironic when Preston claimed he felt uncomfortable blasting players. Lol

  3. Hey guys, I don’t normally comment, but I really enjoyed the discussion on the media’s role in covering of the players. I especially enjoyed your comments about the bloggers entirely focusing on witty jokes.

    Additionally, I enjoyed your comment about the “coded racism”. I have said that for years, and I would love to hear more thoughts about it. One thing I will point about is that the reason for “better defense” in college is because there is no defensive 3 seconds. I feel like the NBA defenses would be incredibly better if there was no defensive 3 seconds. In terms of individual defensive skills from a player by player point of view, defense, in my opinion, is much better in the NBA.