Episode 31: London, The East, and Second Half Predictions

In this episode, Nick and Jeremy are joined by the venerable K L Chouinard (@AnaheimAmigos) to talk about the Bucks in London and offer predictions for the second half. Topics also include: bowling, the Hawks, Austin Rivers, and Toni Kukoc.

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  1. Bucksketball or Hawksketball?

    As always, a good listen. The Stauskas stuff reminds me of the Eric Bledsoe talks. I don’t think much is there, but Bucks fans love to glom onto one player. I can’t see the Bucks making that move. Also, in Germany I played a bowling game called Kegeln in the basement of a pub – the pins were attached to strings and the ball was about 6 inches in diameter. Good times.

    • Bawsketball?

      I’m afraid of new things, but maybe I need to embrace alternate forms of bowling.

  2. I had to listen when I saw one of the topics was bowling. Interesting pod cast conversation on variety of subjects.

  3. The Hawks win did make a huge difference. The 17 point win last night dropped their rating from 103 to 101 because the 30 point win is now out of the last 10 games. Their point differential is still strong, but they lose it in their strength of schedule.

  4. TheLastoftheBucksFans

    I really liked your comment about competing being synonymous with a good time. It seems like a lot of people see it as a negative thing or weird, but I don’t know…it just felt nice hearing it.