The Bucks are in London and here are the pictures to prove it

The Milwaukee Bucks are in London. Look at that picture up there, it’s proof! Kendall Marshall is a big fan of the soccer football team club Chelsea. The Bucks visited the place where Chelsea plays today, which I think is called a stadium, but I’m already 0-2 when trying to name what things are called in London, so I’m not going to make any crazy assumptions.

He wasn’t the only guy there either. Look at all the things the Bucks have done so far!


Buckingham Palace!

Practice, too!

The Bucks are you and your friends, when you and your friends go on vacation. They see the things you see, but get a little better access and stuff is personalized for them. They are probably eating better food too. And they’re getting paid thousands and thousands of dollars to go on vacation.

The Bucks are nothing like you and your friends when you go on vacation.

This has been your Bucks in London update. They play Thursday.

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