Episode 35: All Trade Deadline All The Time

In this episode, Nick, Preston and a noticeably shaken Jeremy sort through all of the rumors surrounding the Bucks in advance of Thursday’s trade deadline. Other topics include: Larry Sanders, All-Star Weekend, Valentine’s Day.

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  1. Great Podcast the group has as good of chemistry as the Bucks do. I have heard rumors about the Bucks trading for Nick Stauskas. He is a first round pick from this year and trading him for Ersan might not be a bad deal.

  2. worst start to a podcast ever. who cares how heteronormative valentines day is? its a stupid holiday, ok, we get it. great. is it really necessary to discuss on a bucks podcast???

    • I’m right there with you. Very disappointed to have to sit through 10 minutes of that before hearing about the bucks.

  3. i commend the effort, but…not a great podcast. i know non-bucks fans who possess a more informed, realistic and interesting perspective on the team than you guys….again, i commend the effort. but you can do better i’m sure. way better. there are plenty of fans willing to listen…but this particular episode was pretty much vacuous. keep up the work

    i do agree that trading henson doesn’t make much sense…however, i would argue that the bucks SHOULD trade at least one of their 2016 1st round picks. if they are moving forward with a core of henson, middleton, knight, giannis, and parker (and perhaps inglis), i would contend that it doesnt make much sense to add three more first round picks over the next two years. when the hell are they going to play. and they aren’t going to be very high picks anyways. i say move at least one of them for a youngish guy that has proven he can play at the nba level

    • “i know non-bucks fans who possess a more informed, realistic and interesting perspective on the team than you guys”

      Nah, you don’t. Sorry.

      It’s fair if you didn’t enjoy the first 10 minutes, but don’t let that sour your experience of listening to the part about the Bucks. We were on it and did a very good job discussing the trade deadline in a realistic and interesting way. Don’t get that part twisted with the part you didn’t like.

  4. Honestly, I’m fine with going out to get a guy like Lawson, so long as our young core stays: Knight, Parker, Giannis, Middleton, and Henson (And maybe Marshall). Lawson is 27, yes, and under contract at a reasonable price for the next few years. These are the years that many label as a players “prime.” I think we are passed the point of being a bad team during the rebuilding process, so we may as well improve our team while keeping the young guys around, right? Get Lawson for his prime, keep the core, and then we can compete the next few years, and many years to come after Lawson is gone. Just my thoughts.

    • Getting Lawson without giving up any of our young core guys could be a great idea! I know very little about Lawson, but I think he leads the league in assists per game. If he is to at least a fair extent a pass-first point, and he’s considered a good teammate, then this could be a masterstroke!

      Avid, you make a compelling case for Lawson still being relatively young, perhaps in his prime, and also that it would be really good if the Bucks could improve their team right now without sacrificing the future.

      As I’ve written in the past, a true point guard would make all of the rest of the players better right away, including Brandon Knight playing more off the ball, which I think is a much more natural for him. I’d be excited to see Lawson and Kendall Marshall as our two point guards going into next season.

      • If you guys can explain how the Bucks get Lawson without giving up any of their young players, I’m all ears on that move. I don’t like giving up a first round pick for him either.

        • As one commenter already mentioned, the Bucks have a couple of draft picks to play with. I know you said you didn’t want to use them, but honestly, I think the Bucks have enough young players that at least one of those draft picks (Which most likely won’t be lottery) will get buried on the bench and in the end, be completely useless. Ersan/JOB with a future first and I think that would be enough. Lawson hasn’t reported to the team and it appears both sides are looking to part ways. They may as well get something for him.

  5. I don’t agree with most on the podcast being down on Utah’s Enis Kanter. He’s gotten better every year–when given the playing time. His post offense and 15-ft jumper are just as good as Henson. Henson is finesse around the hoop (unless dunking). While Kanter is more like a bull who knocks anyone out of the way to score (poor man’s Cousins).

    The best thing about the bucks right now is their chemistry.
    The best thing about their future is their length and they are young.

    I say put 11mill a year on Kanter during his restricted free agency and MAKE Utah match–when they already favor Gobert’s length.

    If you disagree with me–check out Kanter in his last game vs the defensive-minded Bucks. He had more than 20 and something like 18 boards.

    I don’t like the idea of giving up a 1st rounder or any of our young pieces for him. I’m fine with dudley, ersan, 2nd rounders… but no middleton/henson/giannis/knight/parker (that’s a lot of length and youth.

    BTW–with utah having soooo many 1st rounders the last few years===why aren’t they better even though they play in the west.
    BTW==trey burke can ‘t shoot better than a high schooler.

    Does anyone here think diamond stone will be above-average someday in the NBA? He’s a thicker/taller version of marquette’s center last year–davante gardner. i think stone really needs to work on his athleticism. he rarely gets more than 15 inches off the ground.

    go bucks.

    btw getting jason kidd has been enlightening.

  6. I absolutely love the Brandon Knight trade from a basketball standpoint and a financial standpoint. This trade helps the team avoid the big contract that Knight wanted and gets a pass first point guard in Milwaukee. This also provides a big man that the Bucks can get actual minutes from. Lastly getting a 1st round pick from last year who is also 20 years old that is also on a rookie contract to me this is all beautiful. Cheers to the Bucks and the GM for making this move.

    • I honestly don’t know how I feel about this trade as a Bucks fan, but I can at least understand it from a basketball operations and financial standpoint.

      On one hand the Bucks get a player in MCW who possess unique length and in turn defensive capabilities at the Point Guard position, plus he has shown the ability to rebound well and create for others. These positives are reflected by his 7.4 assist, 6.2 rebound, and 1.5 steal averages this season; however, MCW’s major downsides are that he can’t really shoot the ball at all and has difficulty not turning it over too. Now these downsides are pretty big downsides in my opinion and ones that may actually hold the Bucks back (at least this year), but are probably still things that the Bucks front office and coaches believe can be worked on and improved given further development. Nevertheless, potentially the biggest positive and likely the reason the trigger for this trade got pulled is his extra two years of affordable team control before becoming a restricted free agent in comparison to Brandon Knight.

      On the other hand the Bucks gave up a player in Brandon Knight who was backing up his somewhat breakout year last year with an even better breakout year this year — clearly he was an ascending player. Given BK’s work ethic and attitude, plus chemistry with the other young players on the team his future was looking bright as a member for the Bucks and his loss in going to hurt the team. BK has the ability to sustain his fringe All-Star play as a Point Guard, but will he ever become a dominate force at the Point Guard position? Probably not; however, BK’s biggest and really only true detractor for the Bucks organization was what it was going to take/cost to keep him in Milwaukee long-term. No doubt he would have wanted to try getting a max deal from the Bucks or whoever else during this upcoming off-season as a restricted free agent, but would have had to take whatever the market gave him (the Bucks, of course, would have likely had to match any offer he got). I’m sure the Bucks organization feared that some team would have thrown big money at him which probably would handcuff them in the future from retaining their most important asset or assets — G.Antetokounmpo and perhaps J.Parker. This was a risk they didn’t want to take, so they shipped him off for other assets.

      Another side of this deal that I personally see as a pretty big positive is that M.Plumlee fills a huge need for the team short-term and long-term. He’s a young and ascending frontcourt player who helps make Z.Pachulia less necessary in future years. Miles’ game is still developing and he could be a nice long-term role player for this team.

      Who knows what the Bucks have in T.Ennis? Supposedly someone who was considered the best “true” Point Guard in the 2014 draft who was suppose to have a fairly refined offensive game to boot, but summer league and his brief moments on the hardwood during the 2014 season have shown otherwise. Either way he’s probably someone the Bucks can hang onto as depth at the point if they can’t retain K.Marshall next year.

      Overall, I’m frustrated that the team didn’t think they could work something out with BK long-term as I think he’s going to be a very good player going forward, but I also didn’t want to see them jeopardize their ability to retain the true future of the franchise – Giannis and potentially Parker. Lastly, I get that bringing in a young ascending frontcourt player was a huge deal and with this deal they’ve been able to do just that. The future still looks very bright for the Bucks (maybe even moreso now), but it’ll all depend on the development of these young talented players.

    • Good one, aValpo, thanks for the chuckle.

      I’m already enjoying reading the reaction to the big trade today, and I haven’t even gotten to the ensuing article on Bucksketball that specifically talks about the trade, and all the comments posted thus far.

      It’s great to have Bucksketball to go to at a time like this for the main article, plus to get different takes from fans on such a huge event