Episode 36: Post-Trade Deadline Special

In this episode, Rob Mahoney of SI.com joins Nick and Jeremy to break down every angle of Milwaukee’s surprisingly eventful trade deadline.

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  1. Its interseting what you said Jeremy after the first call.

    That not only is this move good from the stand point of it focuses on the future, but its also the kind of guy kidd likes, AND its a smart move financially. So maybe kidd running the show is a good thing?

  2. I think Hammond has done a good job. He drafts really well and gets some good value in trades. I think the trade makes sense long term and MCW can help Parker and Giannis become superstars. Knight was a get his own shot point guard and I don’t think that works for what the Bucks need long term. I have never bowled above a 140 in my life so I have a lot of respect for the 235.

  3. I’ve been watching MCW and Ennis since they were in high school (I’m a Cuse alum/fan on top of being a Bucks fan). I couldn’t be happier about this trade. In all my time watching Syracuse, nobody has ever impressed me as much as MCW did in his sophomore year. All hell broke loose during his time in Philly, but if Kidd can get him back to playing the pure point role like he did at Syracuse, I think people will be much more impressed with MCW than they currently are.

    MCW is going to wreak havoc in our defense once he gets settled. I’ve never seen a player intercept as many inbounds passes and strip both his own man of the ball as well as stripping other players as they drive by more than MCW did at Syracuse. His hands and defensive instincts are phenomenal.

    He’s struggled with his shot ever since he got to Syracuse, but for whatever it’s worth, he was lauded as an elite shooter coming out of high school, and his mechanics aren’t bad. It’s also worth noting that the shoulder injury that plagued him during his rookie season (the one he had surgery on in the offseason) also plagued him at Syracuse. He just never had it repaired until after his rookie season in the NBA, so I think there’s a chance he improves at least a little bit as a shooter.

    As a passer, he tries to do too much sometimes, but his actual vision and passing ability are elite IMO. He, much like Kidd, has a knack for seeing plays before they develop, which helps him both as a passer and as a defender. And then the icing on the cake is that he’s a great rebounder and a very good athlete. I really think we just got our point guard of the future.

    Regarding Ennis, I think his ceiling is a below-average starter or a good backup. He’s very poised and very good at getting the ball to the correct spots on the floor, but he struggles to create for teammates due to his below average athleticism (he struggles to beat his man off the dribble, so he’s not able to put much pressure on the defense). Like MCW, he has great hands defensively, but unlike MCW, he’s not athletic enough to be a great defender. I think they both complement each other very well though.

  4. good podcast. thanks guys. i don’t understand why people question kidd’s desire for some degree of power/influence regarding personnel decisions. he had to work with brooklyn gm billy king last year, who is undeniably one of the worst general managers in the nba. he’s one of the five greatest point guards in the history of the sport. i’m pretty sure he has a good idea of who can play and who can’t. will he make mistakes? of course. but i’m all for giving him the benefit of the doubt and allowing him final say in personnel decisions, if that’s what is happening. hammond has done a fine job imo, especially considering the pile of crap he inherited. but if i’m the owner and hammond wants player ‘A’ and kidd wants player ‘B’…..i’m going with player ‘B’, at least until kidd screws up.