Giannis already set a new career high. Come look how good he is.

The Milwaukee Bucks beat the Los Angeles Lakers on Wednesday night. That was not the best thing that happened Wednesday night.

We know that wins are icing on top of the Giannis Antetokounmpo cake this season. When you finish your dinner and tune into the Bucks each night they play, your dessert is watching his development. At the end of the night, it’s his line that eyes immediately dart to in the box score.

His line on Wednesday night was a treat for your eyes. 25 points on 10-14 FG with six rebounds, two blocks and a steal. He had a new career high, though he’s been progressing so fast, Jason Kidd told reporters after the game, “I don’t think this will be his career high for long.”

Jason Kidd is all knowing. Here we are, just days later, and Giannis has a new career best scoring night. Against the Rockets Giannis put together a line that blows away the line that blew us away on Wednesday. On a night where he scored 27 points on 11-16 shooting, he also grabbed 15 rebounds, dished out four assists and had a highlight block.

Especially cool was Giannis stepping outside of his literal comfort zone in the paint. He made three 19-foot jump shots and appeared to take them without hesitation. That’s the next step in the evolution of this basketball monster. If he’s taking and making those, as he’s done a bit the last two games, these bigger scoring nights may start to happen with more frequency. And this isn’t even just a one or two night thing. I pulled some numbers from and, while the samples are still low, Giannis is actually getting better and a bit more aggressive (this month at least) from 15-19 feet:

15-19 ft. FGM FGA FG%
November 5 19 26.3%
December 3 15 20.0%
January 10 19 52.6%
February 5 9 55.6%

I don’t know why those specific cells decided to be highlighted, but let’s just roll with it and assume it has something to do with Giannis getting so good that Excel and WordPress can’t quite figure out how to format his numbers. HE DOESN’T FIT INTO YOUR BOXES, VARIOUS PROGRAMS!

Enjoy the video. Enjoy the kid. Enjoy the highlights. Enjoy the season.

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  1. When Giannis was in Atlanta for the Dec. 26 game, a college 3-point line was left on the floor for the morning shootaround. And you could see him loving that line. He was/is so psyched out by the NBA 3-point line, but he hit a few 21-footers and just kept shooting them at the end of practice without the mindfreeze that grips him on threes.

    • He typically looks pretty good when I watch him warming up from outside. I think it’s just taking him quite a while to get the repetition and muscle memory down on his form.

    • What’s so weird is that he shot in the mid 30 percent range from 3 last year. Did he not? That’s the only part of his game that’s regressed while everything else has progressed, so it’s not the end of the world. Just confusing is all.

      • He probably has already taken more 3’s this year than he did all last season. He hasn’t regressed. We just have a bigger sample size this season.

        • Actually, I bet he’s taken way less 3’s this year. I actually can’t remember the last time he took a 3. Last year, he settled for outside shots a lot more. This year, he’s trying to get to the rim every time and be more aggressive.

        • Just out of curiosity, I looked it up. Last year he shot 35% from 3 on 1.5 threes per game, while this year he’s shooting 18% on about half a 3 per game.

          • New Coaching staff directive for him this season was – take it inside do not shoot – and he’s been doing that. I’ve seen ~3/4 bucks games this season, and appart from a couple games, the rest of his 3s are basically desparation 3s either coz he fumbled the ball/deflection on drive attempt / last sec kickout pass to him because.. well there weren’t other options. Basically tough shots and he’s a barely above 30% 3point shooter (28 attempts, you see guys in this league that need 3 games to get that number, let alone when 60% into the season)

  2. Im ok with his 3 point shot regressing a little bit this year, only because so much more of his game has progressed, I think he finally stopped growing so the 3 pointers will come with practice down the road. In my mind as a 3/4 type player, the 3pt shot should be the last thing you develop in your game, because of all the other facets that’s required of a 3/4 type player, the driving, passing, pick n roll/pop finding the angles, and defense. It just means he is literally working on the harder aspects of his game to polish than the 3 pointer. we know he has the range already, its just a matter of mastering it, like he is with the other aspects of his game.

    The only thing surprising me this year is how well the team is doing around him, giannis, himself is doing about how i expected from someone of his talent and age. 2 years ago he barely learned the 3 point line in high school, lets not forget that.