Episode 39: Crawling To The Finish Line

After a couple of weeks off, Nick, Jeremy and Preston are back to talk about the Bucks’ struggles following another loss to the Hawks on Monday night. Topics include: Michael Carter-Williams, the remaining schedule, this season versus last, playoff matchups, Man on Fire, and bowling.

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  1. Baby steps pretty soon this podcast will have a sponsor. I think once MCW has a summer to get accustomed to the team he will improve. The PG position is the most important role in the offense and takes time to learn. I think if Parker or Giannis is able to develop a 3 point shot it will help with the teams spacing issues. I am not really concerned how the Bucks finish the year I just hope the develop into a team that relies on Parker and Giannis.

  2. Regarding the “We’re fine 1-10 but bad 1-5” thing; this couldn’t be more wrong since the All-Star Break. Our 6-10 has been historically awful since the trade. Bayless is something like a -120 in terms of his +/- since the break. Our 1-5 have actually played well as a unit, but every lead they build up is completely decimated the second our bench enters the game.

    • And regarding the on/off stuff, the offense has been better with MCW in it than it was when Knight was in it (likely due to the improvements of the rest of the guys) and the defense has also been better than it was with Knight.

      And I would say MCW is currently a better defender and rebounder than Knight. Knight’s rebounds were almost all from teammates boxing out and him just scooping up the loose ball after it had bounced and stuff. MCW actually goes up and grabs rebounds over people. This shows in the contested rebound percentages. Contested rebounds make up over 25% of MCW’s rebounds, whereas for Knight, it’s only around 13%.

      Regarding the passing, I think MCW has shown far better vision and passing ability, but he’s tried to force passes that he shouldn’t more often than Knight did. Knight’s turnovers were generally due to being out of control and losing his handle, whereas MCW’s are more from trying to thread the needle, teammates dropping passes, and the occasional hilariously bad pass (with the exception of this Hawks game, where he was just a complete and utter mess).

      Knight obviously blows MCW away in terms of scoring though, and yet the offense has been better with MCW, so it’s hard to say if we’re really missing Knight all that much.

      • Defense actually better with Knight than MCW according to nba.com. You have to remember that MCW has played with the same starting line-up for all his time here, that line-up is the most used 5 man line-up of any the Bucks have used this year by over 100 minutes. That line-up is also the Bucks 5 top players right now, no JOB or Henson in the starting line-up. I would also say a lot of MCW TOs are from going to the lane and trying to pass in crowded areas, and not having a very good handle. Just my opinion though

  3. Anyone know anything I do not about these color change rumors from the Bucks FB page? Please tell me they are not going to change to orange and green and it is all an April fools joke. That would look horrible.

      • I really hope you’re right because if they change that is the way to go. Orange would look downright terrible and too Knicks like. Still undecided on how the deer looks, but I don’t straight hate it. The colors are nice though