Khris Middleton hits game winning, buzzer beating three, rights all Milwaukee’s wrongs

The Milwaukee Bucks didn’t play very well on Tuesday night.

But – for now – who cares? Because they suffocated the Miami Heat in the fourth quarter, took advantage of the many miscues of Michael Beasley and scraped together just enough offense to have one final shot as time expired.

There will be plenty of time later to talk about all of the things that went wrong for Milwaukee on Tuesday night, but let’s take a moment to enjoy the one thing that went really, really right. Home buzzer beaters are some of the most special moments a season can provide. For a brief moment, everyone gets on the same page and feels the exact same joy. Strangers high five, fathers and sons hug, everyone screams. Buzzer beaters can’t be outdone.

Khris Middleton’s shot came after the Heat scored just nine fourth quarter points, three in the last six minutes. Time and again Milwaukee forced Miami into tough shots and kept them out of the paint, where they had been having a great deal of success earlier in the game. Milwaukee’s defense carried the team as the offense again sputtered.

Well, it was Milwaukee’s defense coupled with Beasley. With three minutes to play, he forced an incredibly tough layup with time left on the shot clock and followed it up by barreling through Zaza Pachulia on the other end. Miami coach Erik Spoelstra pulled him immediately after the foul, but re-inserted the often absent minded forward with 12 seconds to play, for rebounding purposes on a free throw. Ersan Ilyasova missed his second free throw and Beasley pulled down the rebound. He then non-challantly held the ball, which gave Jerryd Bayless the opportunity to tie him up. A jump ball was called in what’s typically a chase and foul situation.

Worse yet for Beas, the 6-foot-3 Bayless won the jump ball, giving Milwaukee one more try.

One more try that Khris Middleton would not let go to waste.

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  1. We don’t have point guard yet. MCW turns over the ball too much. Some of the TO are hard to watch such as the one that he thrown on top of the backboard for Bayless. Nobody can catch that lob.

    • To be fair, he’s had a weird number of turnovers where it’s just guys dropping wide open passes. You’d swear he throws a spitball or something lol. Like last night, he ended up with I believe 6 TOs and only one of them was a bad pass (a hilariously bad pass though). He had a simple miscommunication with Giannis on the first possession of the game (which is to be expected with a new PG, and probably won’t happen next year when he’s gelled with the team), Zaza drop a wide open pass, an iffy offensive foul call, one play where it looked like he got fouled on his way to the rim, and then one where he dribbled himself into trouble and turned it over.

      Meanwhile, he had 3 or 4 highlight reel-type passes last night that led to easy layups that were missed. I actually think he played very well in the first half. He moved the ball extremely well, was attacking but looking to pass when he attacked, didn’t force things, and was his usual disruptive self on defense/the boards.

      He kinda disappeared in the 2nd half though. But in the first half, the only player that I thought played better for us was Zaza (who has been great all of a sudden).

      • A couple extra thoughts on MCW:

        Basically, just because he didn’t end up getting credit for the assists doesn’t mean he wasn’t moving the ball well (in the first half at least). It was a lot of creating good looks that resulted in missed bunnies, or a lot of hockey assists. The box score doesn’t show it, but I think he made some progress in terms of getting back to being more of a pure PG again, and I think the fact that up until that miraculous run to end the game, he, Zaza, and Plumlee were the only three players that had a positive +/- kinda supports the idea that he played much better than his stat line showed.

        And that’s pretty much been the trend the entire time since the trade. Our best lineups have been when Zaza and MCW on the floor, even moreso than lineups that include Giannis.

        The +/-‘s of our three respective PGs since the trade are as follows:
        MCW: +12
        Bayless: -93
        Ennis: -49

        Ironically, a lot of us (not myself) harped on Knight because our opponents outscored us when he was on the floor and then we would take off once he went to the bench. Now, we outscore our opponents when MCW is on the floor and then completely collapse once we remove him, and people harp on him as the reason we lose.

        He’s not a good player yet, but he’s not the spawn of Satan that a lot of Bucks fans have made him out to be. He’s a good defender with the potential to be a tremendous defender, probably one of the best rebounders on the team relative to their size, can get in the lane at will, and in terms of passing ability, is probably among the best in the league.

        The weaknesses are pretty obvious: he can’t shoot, and despite his great passing ability, he turns it over far too much. But there is a lot of potential there to mold him into a very good starter. We need to give him the offseason to work with Kidd and co. on refining his game and gelling with his teammates. I think he’ll look much different a year from now.

        • Couch Potato Scout

          To add to what Chu, was saying I’d just like to copy and paste a small portion from one of my previous posts:
          “I still feel he’s the best PG on the roster, just because of his defense, his potential, and his confidence (even though it sometimes gets him in trouble). I would rather have MCW make some mistakes and improve in a couple years to a point where all the lowlights we now see are turned into highlights.”

          Even though Bayless had a very good game (especially at the end), he is not the future PG of the Bucks, and is best as a rotational player.

          • Let’s hope MCW comes through for the Bucks, for his sake and ours.

            Let’s also hope he gets a fair chance with the Bucks, and that us fans are reasonably patient, and tht we’re more than a little supportive of MCW as a player and person.

  2. Had to watch the Miami Heat broadcast which is always like nails on a chalkboard. However, this particular game with this amazing ending,result and being played at the BMO Bradley Center was especially sweet having the last laugh!

    Heat announcers had that game in the win column at the end of the third and what fun to listen to them have to do a 180.

    Go Bucks!

    • Hey, Patti #1, good to hear from you. Out here in Idaho, my new state of residence, I got the Bucks home broadcast, but it would have been interesting to hear the Heat announcers trying to make sense of their team’s drastically fading fortunes in the fourth quarter.

  3. Very nice vignette, Jeremy. Moments like this are to be savored.

    Great dogpile by the Bucks in celebration, a scene to be richly remembered.

  4. Each time I watch the jump ball rebound buzzer beating shot sequence it gets better and better. Lets hope this has them fired up and ready for Indiana! I’ll be in attendance and excited.