Second half swoon: What’s gone wrong for Milwaukee?

2-5 since the All-Star break, with the Golden State Warriors awaiting them tonight in Oakland. After the loss to the Warriors, Milwaukee will have played its worst eight game stretch of the season.

While most acknowledged the Bucks took a step backwards at the trade deadline in hopes of a brighter future, it’s been a bit surprising to see how badly Milwaukee’s struggled. Being the worst offensive team in the league produces that sort of result though, even for one of the best defensive teams in the league.

That’s where the Bucks are at. They’ve maintained a level of defense that has been exceptional, limiting opponents to just 94.8 points per 100 possessions over the past seven games, good for fifth in the NBA. Actually, there are some other similarities between the pre and post deadline Bucks.  Defensive rebounding has been an issue all season (third worst opponent offensive rebound percentage pre and fourth worst post). And the Bucks are still a high turnover team (17.1 TO ratio pre and 18.2 post). The new Bucks have just added another weakness to the mix.

They’ve turned bad offensive basketball into an expectation.

Milwaukee’s offensive rating since February 20 according to has been 89.9, meaning they would score just about 90 points per 100 possessions. The second worst team over that stretch was the Denver Nuggets at 91.1. The same Denver Nuggets who have been actively and loudly awaiting the end of this miserable season and fired their coach on Tuesday … right before they dropped 106 points on the Bucks.

Milwaukee had found itself in December and January. Players fell into roles. Jabari Parker went down and Jared Dudley reinvented himself as a small ball stretch four. John Henson emerged from the shadows as an impactful center. Khris Middleton was scoring all over the court. Brandon Knight kept shooting and making shots, his teammates be damned.

But shots have stopped going in, roles have changed and faces have come and gone. These are not the December or the January Bucks. The March Bucks are a different animal. So far that animal is more lemur than tiger.

threes-badFrom December 1 through February 11, Milwaukee was 20-15. The Bucks made 40% of the 18.7 threes they attempted per game. Brandon Knight, OJ Mayo, Khris Middleton and Jared Dudley led the three point charge. Since February 20 when the team returned from the All-Star break, Milwaukee has made just 31% of the 17 threes they have attempted per game. Lower conversion on fewer attempts. Bummer and bummer.

Jared Dudley has gone just 3-16 from three in a reserve role. Jerryd Bayless, who could reasonably expected to pick up some of Knight’s scoring load has made 5-16. OJ Mayo has only played in four of the past seven games and is questionable against the Warriors. Knight has yet to make a three for the Bucks in the second half of this season. Some of his loss has been offset by an uptick in Ersan Ilyasova‘s attempts and makes per game, but his four attempts and 36% success rate hasn’t completely filled the gap.

Most disconcerting is the timing of Milwaukee’s struggles. Against a soft schedule that’s included the Lakers, Jazz (admittedly improving) and Nuggets (twice), Milwaukee’s been this offensive team? What’s going to happen against the Warriors? Or against the Pacers and Grizzlies in a week? Maybe this is all a matter of shots simply not falling. Jason Kidd has said after a couple different games of late that the team has been getting good looks and shots just aren’t going in and he doesn’t want the guys to get too down. He’s trying to stay positive. Maybe that’s true and maybe shots will suddenly start falling again.

But there does seem to be some logic to the lack of 3-point success.

A big strength of Carter-Williams appears to be his ability to find open players on the perimeter when he drives into the paint or posts-up. Unfortunately, he’s often finding Giannis, who is one of the only players on the team as unwilling to shoot the three as Carter-Williams. Giannis has attempted less than half a three per game and MCW 1.4 per game since February 20. In the Denver game alone, I counted five instances in which MCW drove or swung to an open Giannis in the corner. On each of those occasions, Giannis failed to shoot the open three.

I remember talking to people about spacing being a potential issue for the Bucks if they had too many non-shooters on the court. Especially last game it seemed like the Nuggets defense collapsed on a lot of MCW drives and Giannis was in the opposite corner, not a threat to even shoot a three, much less make one. When those two have both been on the court, Milwaukee shot just 26% on threes coming into Wednesday’s game.

That’s something an NBA wing has to be able to do. We know Giannis is a work in progress and when he makes that progress, it will be a very big deal. But for the time being, it’s hurting both the Bucks offense and MCW. Especially since if Giannis drives, it’s not like he can kick out to Carter-Williams for three the way he once could to Knight. Giannis kicked to Knight for threes 27 times this season. He’s yet to assist on a MCW three.

MCW is playing to his strengths and it frequently isn’t helping to serve his offense or Milwaukee’s offense because there’s an awkward fit between him and his wing.

This is likely all part of Milwaukee adjusting to a brand new point guard with a different sort of style. Maybe Giannis will play a bit more power forward and slide more towards the top of the key in the coming weeks, with guys like Mayo, Middleton and Dudley filling to the corners. Maybe MCW will get a better feel for where to go when Giannis catches and drives and be able to fill in lanes for open layups or floaters off his wing’s drives.

It’s a learning process right now for Milwaukee, one that’s taking precedence over immediately winning more games. We can’t lose sight of that, even if the losses keep piling up.

Maybe it’s me. Maybe have to make sure I don’t lose sight of that and that’s why I bring it up in everything I write lately. But the idea that things should get better than they are now rather than get worse is something new here in Milwaukee. Watching a team be built and intentionally bet on a player who isn’t as good right now is different. As the Bucks are learning how to play together, we’re learning how to be patient and cautious observers, me more than most.

Even as a cautious observer, sometimes it’s been a bit tough to watch this team lately. But as will they, we’ll keep at it and watch for the little signs of development over the coming weeks. A few more threes here and there. Giannis and MCW playing off of each other. Maybe even the occasional long ball from Giannis.

Unless things change drastically over the next few weeks once these guys are comfortable, those little signs of progress may have to be “wins” going forward.

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  1. I’m not panicking, and I’m still standing behind the trade; but, my, it’s been tough to watch! Jeremy, I think it’s good for you to continually remind us about the benefits of the future that we hope will come out of the pain of the present.

    The bottom line seems to be that unless we were willing to sign Brandon to a max contract, or pretty close, then we would likely lose him this offseason with no compensation. Please let me know if this is wrong.

    I didn’t think the transition would be so ragged and so rough, but here we are. It seems as though a lot of different things are going wrong for the Bucks right now — some of them attributable to the trade of Brandon with his intensity and integrity, along with his scoring ability; some of them attributable to things like injuries and slumps and adjustments to new guys.

    It also bears remembering that in the course of this season we’ve also lost Jabari and Kendall to season-ending injuries, and Larry to what might be a serious and real mental illness (from which I hope he bounces back). The cumulative effect of all this might have reached a tipping point with the loss of Brandon, coinciding with nagging injuries to O.J. and Jared.

    What I’m hoping is that the Bucks keep competing with the same tenacity they seemed to have against the Nuggets (including Giannis, who has impressed me with a fierce competitive streak), and the same togetherness they seemed to show in that game. Good things will come of good effort and good teamwork.

    A couple of strategic points that might help to improve the situation: One, push the ball upcourt as much as possible, preferably with the pass, for transition baskets. Two, try to improve our rebounding by playing John together with Zaza at times, and with Miles, and maybe play Zaza and Miles together — any two of those three. The small ball that worked so well earlier this season might not work as well, or as often, given our changing circumstances.

    I’m still hoping for very good things from the Bucks this season, even though I continue to put priority on the future, I genuinely believe we can weather this storm, and finish this season with a surge, or at least with a strong competitiveness in which we claim a fair share of victories, and put in a good showing in the playoffs.

    • Couch Potato Scout

      Swisch, I totally agree. Transition offense is the way the Bucks should go; they should constantly be trying to push the ball up faster even after made shots. And I agree that going to a traditional lineup should greatly improve the Bucks rebounding and interior defense. (I vote for the Miles/Henson combination since both of those guys are moderately athletic and I’m waiting to see some dunk highlights from Miles Plumee and his alleged 40 inch vertical!/agility/?sort=MAX_VERTICAL_LEAP&dir=1&SeasonYear=2012-13)
      I continually struggle to see how Zaza helps the team other than being a veteran presence, it seems he’s what the Bucks are trying to get away from (a mid-range shooting passer, who isn’t very proficient at blocking or rebounding), but he’s here to stay for at least another 6 months, I feel that his minutes should slowly go down, and we should allow Plumee and Henson to take his minutes and have them duel it out (or share) and see who might be more prevalent in the Buck’s future. Also, I feel that the Bucks need to have the ball in MCW’s hands more often and use screens to help get him open for drives, floaters, or allow him to pass the ball to screener. I think a Giannis-MCW combination with Middleton spotting up on the side would be fearsome to defend, because which defensive duo can stay with that type of length and athleticism.
      To sum up:
      Transition Offense: to set off the Buck’s slightly stagnant and isolation reliant offense
      Bigger lineups: To rebound the ball; they are in the bottom 5 in terms of rebounds per game, (total, offensive, defensive, and in rebound differential)
      MCW is a bigger part of the offense: Give MCW the ball more, screen for him, and just generally allow him to create. He’s virtually a none-factor of offense if he doesn’t have the ball, because his lack of shooting ability.

      Having said all this, there is really no pressing need to improve now, in fact one could say the Bucks are “improving” their chances at getting a good player through the draft lottery.

  2. I know it’s part of the adjustment process from the trade, but damn is it hard to watch. Hopefully Mayo comes back soon and can add some shooting threat. We need Middleton to step up and demand more plays that result in him shooting when the game is late and close. He and Mayo are what we have right now to rely on to close out games. Giannis Henson, and Zaza can set screens and look for a role off it, but if not there let Middleton shoot he’s the only one consistently making shots.

  3. The more I see out of MCW the less I like him. Unless you’re Rondo, there’s really no place for a PG who can’t shoot even a little bit. He’s not fast, his on-ball defense has been awful at times, and his passing is less than stellar. Knight is far and away the better player right now, and I don’t see MCW ever being a good fit alongside this group of players because there’s literally no space to work when the defense only has to guard one perimeter shooter at a given time. Giannis is struggling because of it and I thought that was most obviously apparent when I’ve watched the two on the court together.

  4. TheLastoftheBucksFans

    “Brandon Knight kept shooting and making shots, his teammates be damned.” lol? Yet another shot at Knight.

  5. I think it was supposed to be Dudley.

    “Knight has yet to make a three for the Bucks in the second half of this season.”

  6. Yet this could be another sign of an attempt to tank for another draft pick to add onto Jabari, Giannis, and MCW. If the Bucks kept Knight, they would end up right where they have been for the past couple seasons, a team that makes the playoffs and is a one and done. This move is clearly saying that they have given up on this season and have their eyes set on the draft and years to come.

  7. If it is an attempt to tank, and they do have their eyes on the draft, then they are doing it pretty late in the season to be effective. With 21 games to go in the season, they would have to lose 6 more games than Charlotte, Indiana, and Brooklyn to get into the lottery. All of those teams are under .500, and I don’t think they are going to play much above .500 ball (even if Indiana gets PG back). If all of those teams go 11-10, to even get into the lottery, the Bucks would have to go 5-16.

    I don’t think its an attempt to tank, at least not to improve a draft pick. Difference between the 15th pick and the 18th or 19th isn’t going to be that much IMO, so I think the trade was to get something for Knight rather than nothing in the offseason. If it hurt the team in the short term, so be it. I don’t think it was an attempt to tank though.

  8. I’m late on this one but how can you defend that trade Brandon Knight was the key to this team there’s no way MCW can even compare there’s no other excuse other then the trade that you have that can justify why they are losing so bad. They never used to get blown out except after that London game when they had Brandon. Now its almost every game. This is no different then the Ray Allen deal not comparing players but comparing stupidity. Come on Man!

    • You’re wrong. Our bench unit that was tops in the NBA prior to the all star break has been injured or ineffective since the trade. That’s where they made up the ground when the starters (with Brandon Knight) would fall into a deficit. Open your mind and you’ll see that the trade was to build towards the future. The Bucks were 7-19 against teams above .500 with Knight, so don’t kid yourself by thinking they would’ve had success in the playoffs. They were on a roll when they traded Knight, yes, but against a plethora of sub .500 teams at home (which they’ve been winning those with MCW too)

    • Couch Potato Scout

      I’m fine with the trade because this is a trade for the future, while sacrificing the immediate season. Absolutely different then the Ray Allen trade, which was almost the complete opposite. Ray Allen (28 yr old) Murray (24 yr old) and a conditional first round pick went to the Sonics for very old Gary Payton (35 yr old) and Dunk Contest winner Desmond Mason ( 26 yr old). In this trade we basically gave away one good 23 yr old player, for 3 very young and potential filled players.
      Also, this article points out how good MCW is doing (although I don’t really see how either):
      Lastly, trading for a 6 ft 6 pass first point guard who’s biggest (and possibly only) weakness is shooting, which can be easy remedied in the off-season, is a big upgrade from a smaller shooting point guard who does not play as much defense, and is likely to get a huge contract this offseason, which would mean the Bucks lose their starting point guard and get nothing in return.

      • Brandon knight does play defense MCW may be 6’6 but he’s soft and pass first? I’ve seen to many times where he’s dribbles takes it to the rim to where it gets blocked or he misses. Brandon Knight is better then MCW now and future Brandon was a hustle and had heart and remember we were on a roll before that trade 5 straight wins before the all star break. MCW just went 7 for 26 tonight in Brooklyn this not the future. I rather pay Brandon then ruin the chemistry of this team but it’s too late for that and once again we suck. Our future is only bright with Giannis, Parker, and Henson…I do wanna believe in Ennis but just like MCW he’s a turnover machine. MCW already had an off season to get better and he’s even worse now.

      • Willie Armstrong

        Just want to point out that Miles Plumlee is going to be 27 before next season so I’m not sure if that’s “very young” and I’m pretty sure he’s not filled with potential? What pass-first PG takes 26 FGA in a game? I think it’s brick-first PG

          • Yup 3OT’s and 4-12 since the trade and losing playoff position…and people still support this trade? We had a pretty good team with great chemistry before that trade. I would of like to have seen them take there chances with Knight who has been pretty good the two seasons with us. If they wanted to shed money they could of done that by trading Mayo and Ersan even tho I like Ersan I would prefer the Knight, Giannis, Middleton, Parker and Henson combo and keeping Bayless Zaza and adding to the bench. Got some good young shooters coming in the draft.

          • If you really want to be fair you would wonder how a pass-first PG would end up with 4 assists in a 3OT game

  9. Couch Potato Scout

    There are only 3 under 25 yrs old point guards in the top 15 in assists per game. One of them is Damien Lillard. The other one are brick master Elfrid Payton and the last one is MCW. I think that fact speaks volumes. In addition, although I agree with Shaan that trading Ersan would have been a good option, (but who would have given anything good for Ersan?), I still support the trade. For me its a trade in the positive direction unlike previous trades the Bucks have done to get “contributing veterans” who help the Bucks successfully maintain their position in 8th seed purgatory, for many season. The first move that was actually done for the future was drafting Giannis, and who would’ve thought he would turn out to be such a beast after last year’s unimpressive production.
    Lastly, so let’s saw the Bucks don’t trade Brandon Knight and maintain their team with supposed “perfect chemistry”, they end up doing very well and ending the season in the 5th seed, thus earning the great honor of getting killed by the Bulls in the first round. Following this, the Bucks have a good pick in the draft, number 19 where the pick up some tall center who might be helpful as a rotational 8th man. Then, glorious free agency happens and the Bucks and their huuuge cap room of about 16 million try to break the bank signing Brandon Knight. Sadly Knight, wants near 18 million and decides to go to a different team. Even if the Bucks signed Knight for 15 mil he would most likely just want a 1 or 2 year deal so he could cash in once the NBA cap rises tremendously. This signing would result in Middleton becoming unsigned and the Bucks having to rely on their fantastic frontcourt of Zaza, Henson, Plumlee, and Ersan, however we will never know how good Henson or Plumlee could have been since they only get a combined 25 minutes per game, because the Bucks are going to the playoffs!

    • If you take all the players in the NBA this season that have played over 1200 minutes you end up with 204 as of today morning. Out of those 204 here are some rankings for MCW


      That’s not a pretty picture

      No one can offer BK 18m fyi, not sure if your name is Aesop because that’s quite a story you wrote.

    • This seems like good information, good perspective, and good analysis, Couch Potato Scout. Thanks.

      I’m a huge fan of Brandon Knight, but just can’t see paying him $15 million or more per season in a long-term contract.

      I”m still holding out hope that at least one of the MCW/Tyler Ennis combo comes through for the Bucks as a true point guard, and/or that we can get Kendall Marshall back, and/or that we can draft or trade to fill that position. As I think we’re seeing these days, the lack of a willing and able point guard can drag the whole team down.

  10. I’m thinking at least 12 mil per season would of been reasonable for Knight and if we didn’t get a chance to sign him I really like the kid out of duke tyus Jones a true point guard with heart someone in our draft range as we speak. I understand we’re looking towards the future but unless they plan on trading MCW in a package deal for some draft picks this off season I don’t see how you can say trading Knight was for the future…he was part of that future he’s 23 years old and was so close to being an all star this year and one thing that’s hard to have in this league is great chemistry which we haven’t had in a long time. We might not even make the playoffs now I rather have a 5th seed team fight hard and lose then a team we got now that will just get swept again and looking to be a 7th seed now. 4-12 since the break there should be no one supporting this trade but that’s my opinion I respect anyone else’s but this trade hurt us and think about it…this may have pissed off a few players on that team so who even knows if we can keep Middleton now or Giannis in the future….something to think about.

    • Couch Potato Scout

      If we could sign Knight for around 10 mil for 4-5 yrs, I would totally agree that the trade would be extremely stupid and detrimental. But like these articles pointed out:

      This trade was just for the future, and if we did have Knight it would be a lock that we could not afford Middleton. And also, the schedule we are playing now is extremely difficult. Out of the 10 games in March all the teams except for 3 are in the playoff or just a game or two out of the playoffs.
      As much as I liked Knight, his worth ethic, his leadership, and the team’s chemistry with him. I cringed when I watched him play. He is the opposite of what I like in a PG. He is a shoot-first point guard, who doesn’t defend very well, and doesn’t seem to get other involved very well. The only thing I liked while watching him was his tenaciousness and his driving to the hoop/dunking ability. The only thing Knight seemed to improve at from his first year in the league was shooting the ball. There seemed to be no improvement in ball distribution, or defense.
      At least with MCW I can convince myself he tries hard on defense and is willing to pass the ball (even if it results in TO’s)

      Overall, while I agree that having Knight would have been a good decision if we could have signed him for about 10 mil, and if he could actually prove he was willing to distribute the ball (and I don’t mean just passing the ball ‘just cause’ he should be able to drive and kick all day, or at least use the pick and roll to distribute the ball). I’ve see free agency overpay for young guys way too often, and we would be left with Bayless as our starting point guard, which is an even worse alternative.

  11. Couch potato we agree to disagree and I think your knock on knight is alittle to much knight played defense and as far as passing he might of not been a pass first point guard but we didn’t need one because the entire team moved the ball well in that first half which led to their success. I look at MCW now and there’s way to many times where he’s a turnover machine or he keeps dribbling and takes it to the rim and misses or gets blocked. Brandon passed the ball but it started with him and it worked it’s way around no one was constantly dribbling. It was a team effort now they don’t even look like a team half the time.

    • Couch Potato Scout

      OK, because what I remember happening very often was Brandon Knight dribbling at the top of the key and doing a pointless pass to the wing, or just waiting for a screen he could go around to jack up a mid-range shot.
      I remember a disorganized team overly reliant on Knight’s jumper and leadership. You remember a Knight-led team united, and brimming with good chemistry.
      No problem, we just remember or have different perspectives of past games/times.

  12. Yea I remember a team that was actually over 500. only got blown out once before the trade (game after London) and you have Brandon confused from exactly what your seeing out of MCW now! Maybe you need to actually watch the games or know a little more about basketball. I may sound like an a**hole with that comment but I appreciate the conversation were having no disrepect.

  13. Couch Potato Scout

    I see what you are saying, but I still feel that MCW’s raw physical attributes and willingness to pass (with the potential to get better at shooting) are better than Knight’s driving ability and advantage in shooting and leadership (with only the potential to start passing, which he has shown very little inclination to do). Basically I see potential in MCW, and with Brandon I saw temporary greatness. Again we’ll see the development next November.
    Yeah, I’m liking this discussion too. But like you said we just have to agree to disagree in what we see/saw in MCW+2 other young guys vs. Knight

  14. Have the Bucks been putrid since the trade? Yes. Is it solely because of the trade? Definitely not. Until we get Mayo and Dudley back healthy AND playing good ball like they were before the trade, it is unfair to lump all of the blame of how poorly the Bucks are playing on MCW, which seems to be the common theme on the boards lately. If Mayo and Dudley were healthy and hitting outside shots, there would be a lot less defenders near the basket, opening up lanes for MCW and Giannis to run ragged through the defense. Right now, we have Middleton… …who else is hitting outside shots and making defenders guard him? Come next year, hopefully we get Jabari back healthy and Giannis will have made some progress on his outside shooting.

    Also, give them time to build that chemistry. The Bucks just added 3 new players mid-season. They need time to gel and get comfortable playing with players they haven’t played with before. Knight had all training camp (maybe even most of the offseason) to get used to playing with the Bucks. MCW, Ennis, and Plumlee would benefit from some time to settle in, and I don’t think that comes in 1 month.

  15. Well Carl I understand giving this trade time plus the injuries but remember we had injuries just like this before the trade when we had Brandon knight when we were only playing with 8 or 9 players at one time given the reasons they signed Kenyon martin and Jorge gutierrez for the time they did so injuires?……not a good excuse to me at all but it does hurt. Couch Potato I don’t see potential in MCW one bit the 76ers traded him for a reason. I scouted him in college liked him alittle bit but never loved him. I hope that we meet again and say you were right because I want to see this team do great im a die hard Bucks fan…yes I said Die Hard.

  16. Couch Potato Scout

    I’m glad you are a die hard Bucks fan because I am too. (Although most people thought I was joking when I said that last season).
    For me all MCW has to do is gradually learn how to shoot, because he already is willing to pass and play D.
    For Knight, I feel that he would be a fantastic player if he became smarter in terms of knowing when to pass, and also bulking up a bit so on D he wasn’t manhandled. (I felt that at times some point guards could just run over Knight.)
    What do you think was the potential of MCW vs. Knight?

    Also, I had really high hopes for Plumlee and his 40 inch vertical, but I see very little fight in him, and the lack of playing time also limits his improvement this season.

      • Couch Potato Scout

        For the same reasons Brandon Jennings had a 55 point game, and Klay Thompsen had 37 points in a quarter there are often flukes. BUT that is not the only reason he is still only a sophmore who has a lot of potential to go. First he has to be cured from the 76ers “we don’t care about winning” attitude, and then start improving. I just think MCW thinks about creating for others before himself. I really can’t remember Knight doing that unless it was a set play (screens for Middleton or Ersan).
        Also 26 FGA is actually a very small number if you take into account the Bucks played basically 7 quarters of basketball. It means that MCW only took 3-4 shot per quarter.
        Which isn’t horrible considering that Brandon Knight has had at least 19 FGA in about 10 games (Only two of which were overtime games)
        Also, I’m not saying that MCW should be better of the bat at everything. I’m just banking on his potential to start hitting shots, and make smarter passes.
        This article points out some of the potential of MCW and his similarities with Coach Kidd:

        • Skill testing question-

          if one PG has a 55% TS% and another has a 45% TS% which one should shoot more?

          • Couch Potato Scout

            1. Obviously 55% TS
            2. I’m not saying that Knight shouldn’t take a couple more shots, I’m merely saying that if you are going to point to MCW shooting a lot, I’ll point to Knight shooting a lot.
            I’ll end with my theory that MCW+2other guys potential > Knight’s potential.
            If you believe my theory you have no reason to argue, if you don’t than exactly how is Knight going to become better, if he is not as much of a willing passer and defender as MCW.
            It’s nearly impossible to teach a willingness to pass and defend, and as much as I like Knight’s leadership and shotmaking skills, I believe MCW already has the intangible and all he needs is a summer or two to practice shooting

  17. I just don’t think you liked Knight at all which is fine but you judge him like he’s 29 and past his prime. Knight is 23 and had breakout years in milwaukee and still had room to improve and already proven alot. MCW is not going to turn into ray Allen from a couple off seasons there’s no one you can point to that came into the league that couldn’t shoot and became an great or even good or consistent shooter. We’ll agree to disagree again but I’m going to keep this up until you watch these games and notice that MCW is not and will not fit this team. Kris Dunn pg out of providence look him up…someone in the draft I like the bucks to look at. A true point guard who can’t shoot as well either but better then MCW. Could be a triple double threat on any given Knight 😉

    • Couch Potato Scout

      Nice pun, but I did like Knight, I just felt that he didn’t have a high ceiling.
      Here’s my question:
      Do you think it is easier to ____________?
      A. Get better at shooting and gradually build chemistry with your teammates.
      B. Start thinking about making a pass first before shooting. Get a bit bigger to handle bigger guards.

      I’ll look into Kris Dunn, I haven’t heard of him.

  18. ? but what was wrong with what was working with Knight? The critism on hm is so bad yet we looked our best in years in the first half so im confused on the point you are trying to make? I though the point of playing this game was to win.

    • The point of the game is to win… a championship. Being a die hard Bucks fan, as you say you are, aren’t you sick of being an 8th seed, 1st round flame-out? I know I am. And while Brandon Knight helped us be a little bit better (6 seed, maybe 5 seed if everything broke our way), the ceiling on what we could be as a team was just not that high. I know he’s 23, and I know he’s improved a lot while he was here, but he’s not a point guard who makes his teammates better. He’s a score first point guard who has shown little to make me believe he will ever be able to become a point guard with above average passing vision. With Middleton, Giannis, and hopefully a healthy Parker, we shouldn’t need another scorer. We need someone who can make those better by getting them the ball in good positions. We also need someone who plays good defense, and while Knight wasn’t terrible, he wasn’t much better than average either.

      Is MCW that point guard? I have no idea. But I’m certainly willing to give him a look in case he is, especially since he’s on a rookie contract. Paying Brandon Knight 15 million to be another scorer on a team that, in the future, shouldn’t need any more scorers makes little sense to me. I’d rather put that money toward a more valuable wing (Middleton) and other pieces (MCW, Ennis, or whoever the Bucks deem worthy to be a starting point guard).