Bucks announce new color scheme: Green, cream and blue

Oh these tricky Milwaukee Bucks, they got us good.

Earlier this week, they tweeted out a semi-cryptic message about the future:

So much orange! Into a tizzy went Bucks fans on Twitter. Was orange going to be announced as a new primary color for the Milwaukee Bucks? Was Gatorade taking over the team? Was this a way of hinting at a naming rights situation with Harley-Davidson? Were we going to find out Jabari Parker would be replacing Jason Biggs on the next season of Orange is the New Black?

The questions were endless, as anticipation built throughout the week and throughout the day Wednesday. The Bucks Dancers and hype team – Hoop Troop – donned orange shirts while Bango rocked an orange trimmed jersey. Despite the infiltration of orange, many were skeptical, given that Wednesday was April 1, April Fools Day.

The night turned out to be a glorious win for skeptics across the city.

It was all an elaborate ruse! The Bucks got us! What pranksters! After a short video about the color orange being prominently involved in Milwaukee, Bang the Buck waved a giant flag that said April Fools and the Bucks played another video.

Swerve. The big announcement was that there will soon be an announcement.

Presumably the Bucks will reveal on April 13 that the logo that was recently leaked will be their new logo. It’s been floating around on Twitter over the past week and here’s the best amalgamation of potential new marks that I’ve seen (h/t: @ConradBurry):


Perhaps there will be a bit more to the new logo, but based on the video, it looks like these are pretty accurate. We’ll all be waiting with bated breath until April 13. That should be a big week for the Bucks. They are announcing this logo situation on April 13, playing their last home game of the regular season on April 15 and have the one year anniversary of the new owners on April 16. If I were a betting man, I’d bet the new arena location is announced that week.

Back to the new logo and colors. Here’s a press release from the Bucks formally announcing the new colors and the significance of each of them:


·         The traditional color of the Milwaukee Bucks – a hallmark of our brand throughout the team’s 47-year history.

·         Emblematic of the state’s dense forests and rich agricultural industry.


·         Just as the “Cream City” brick is the foundation upon which Milwaukee was built, cream will be the foundational color of the team’s new brand identity.

·         Cream will be unique to the Bucks – we’ll be the only team in NBA to feature a cream hue as an official team color.


·         Blue underlines the importance of the Great Lakes and multiple rivers in the history and future of our city and state. In fact, some think the word Milwaukee was derived from the Algonquian term “Millioki,” which meant “gathering place by the waters.”

·         The addition of blue to our color palette pays homage to the history of professional basketball in Milwaukee, as blue was the primary color of the Milwaukee Hawks, the city’s first NBA team.

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  1. Robin Koopmeiners

    I am really a big fan of the new owners listening to what the fans wanted. Sick of the red and sick of the Christmas look. I love the color scheme. I like the new look for the buck logo. However im not a fan of the new M, it looks like the Madison Mallards Or like some sort of deformed batman logo. I was hoping for something better than this, possibly something a little more throw-backy. But oh well, progress is progress.

  2. I think the M is supposed to look like a deer hoof. Doesn’t seem like it will really be used as a logo, but more as like something they can put on hats like we saw above.

    I think the main logos are the Buck one that leaked before, the Bucks Basketball Est. 1968 one on that glass above, the state logo, and the basketball logo.

    Anyways, I love the shade of blue they went with. Should be interesting to see how they work it into these logos and stuff or if it’s just an alternate kinda thing.

    • Get this guy a medal! Who reads an entire post on a sports blog and spell checks it? Loser

      • It isn’t misspelled. They are two different words and it happened on two articles. If you write for a living, the writing part is pretty important.

        But go ahead and call me names for being right. I can live with your opinion easily.

        • Yeah little man, well, you can also easily live by chilling out and not being so nit-picky. Pretty sure this isn’t their full time job for a living either. Either way we’re all here for the same reason – our passion and love for the Bucks so lets keep it on that and not on trying to throw your so called intelligence around in people’s faces every chance you get.

  3. Yuk! At least preliminarily, at first glance, and I’m hope I’m wrong, we’ll see in a couple weeks, but I’m not feeling the feelgoodery — Yuk!

    The hat with the deformed M looks like it might work for the Miami Marlins, but not the Bucks; and it doesn’t look like we’re going with a forest green but some sort of trendy “sports-drink” version that’s gone through a misguided marketing trial at a skateboard park.

    I appreciate the effort to go with colors that identify with the state of Wisconsin, but wonder if the actual colors will be more Malibu than Milwaukee. Also, can’t we get rid of the eerie and menacing psycho-eyes of our mascot? I really don’t want people to fear the deer in that way.

    I think I’ve liked just about every version of the Bucks uniforms going back to the early 1970s (and in about 1975 I seem to remember wearing a Bucks jersey to practice for my 7th-grade basketball team in suburban Chicago). Actually, I’ve generally liked the look of the Bucks very much — at least before the opening tip — but this latest manifestation might be the exception. To this old-timer at least, we’ve always had some style to the Bucks, even when there hasn’t been much substance.

    To really get fan interest, the new administration might have presented maybe three different alternatives for a vote. I’ll try to be somewhat open-minded for April 13th, but I can’t help but be wary that we’re in for some tacky gimmickry at outrageous prices.

      • Maybe more of a meandering skeptic.

        Or a disillusioned optimist who’s seen too much in a world gone mad.

        Or just a quirky, quixotic eccentric.

        Anyway, I do wear my Brewers hat around Idaho gladly; it’s one of those soft, weathered-looking caps; and I really like the M logo for the Brewers with the wheat underline. So there’s a positive for ya.

  4. Overall I like the color scheme, and I am hoping for an all cream uniform at home instead of white…similar to the Lakers wearing yellow at home. I also don’t mind seeing the Christmas colors go as it was time for an update. I do think they tried too hard by incorporating the secondary “M” logo into the body of the buck on the primary logo…my first thought was “why do they have the buck wearing a tuxedo shirt?” Now that I see the “M” I get it, but it still looks odd in my opinion. I also agree that it would be better if the buck didn’t look demonic, but unless you are going back to cartoon Bango (which is still my favorite Bucks logo), it is hard to draw a buck without the eyes looking eerie. I give this effort a “B” so far, with a possibility of going to an A- if they really do well with the uniforms.