Bucks-Bulls playoff schedule announced

The Milwaukee Bucks have announced their 2014-15 playoff schedule. Playoffs!

Game Date Location Time (CT) TV
1 Saturday, April 18 Chicago 6:00 PM ESPN
2 Monday, April 20 Chicago 7:00 PM TNT
3 Thursday, April 23 Milwaukee 7:00 PM NBA TV
4 Saturday, April 25 Milwaukee 4:30 PM TNT
5 Monday, April 27 Chicago TBD TBD
6 Thursday, April 30 Milwaukee TBD TBD
7 Saturday, May 2 Chicago TBD TBD

Being relegated to NBA TV has always been a sign of irrelevancy when the playoffs come around, so Milwaukee only being on NBA TV once is a pretty fun thing. It turns out there is at least one benefit to playing the Bulls.

Milwaukee’s home games come next Thursday and Saturday and those will certainly be interesting games. Whenever the Bulls have visited Milwaukee for regular season games over the past half dozen years that I’ve been covering the team, in terms of sheer numbers and volume, Bulls fans have at minimum matched Bucks fans. “United Center North” has become a phrase.

But these are the playoffs. This is a big opportunity for Bucks fans to reclaim their own arena and shout down the folks from down (kinda) South.

Dates are in place. There’s no excuse if Bulls fans take over the city once again. We’ll see how it plays out.

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  1. LETS GO!! Bucks fans have to outnumber Bull fans and be loud! This is playoffs lets take this I94 series!

  2. Not only do fans need to show up, but we need to get loud. Boo during Chicago free throws, get in on the “DE-FENSE” chant, don’t wait for a big 3 pointer to stand up and clap etc. Of we can electrify the arena from the get go, our guys will feed off that, and hopefully Chicago travelers will be disheartened by it. This should all go without saying, but sometimes fans completely lose interest in cheering when we go down a couple buckets, which is the exact time we have to feed the energy. Let’s go Bucks! And let’s go Bucks fans!

  3. The time is now to lock up tickets guys! Let’s give our guys a moment to remember when they walk out that tunnel and hear all these fans screaming like crazy. This team is so young and I firmly believe if we put that memory in their heads it’ll make them Want to play hard for us. Not only this series but for years to come. I can only imagine what that first home playoff game feels like to a young man so let’s get out and support our home team. GO BUCKS! FEAR THE DEER!! WHO’S GONNA WIN IT???

  4. Got my tickets for Saturday! Unfortunately I’ll be dragging along 3 Bulls fan…Chicago suburb problems