Episode 40: Playoff Preview

In this episode, Nick, Jeremy and Preston preview the Bucks’ first-round series against the Bulls and review the regular season. Topics also include: Finals odds, golf, logos, Call of Duty, Todd Macculloch.

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  1. Everyone on the Bulls underachieved besides for Pau Gasol? Umm…what about the most improved player of the year Jimmy Butler?

    • I’d include Aaron Brooks in the over achieving category. Overall, I think the locker room issues, not trusting their coach anymore, and injuries to the Bulls give the Bucks a fighting chance in this series. If the bench plays well, I’d actually pick the Bucks to win the series. But overall, I don’t trust Dudley and Bayless, and think the Bulls will win in 6 games.

  2. The Bucks have better odds of winning the championship than the Nets do of winning their first round series. That team is pretty awful and they have no future. Sucks to be a Nets fan right now.

    I think the Bulls probably win in about 6, but it could be an interesting series. The starters should be playing more minutes in the playoffs, and our bench has been our major weakness lately. Our starters in the last 15 games have the third best net rating in the league at 7.5. Chicago is fourth at 7.4. If our bench suddenly shows up again, I think we have a shot. But of course it 80% depends on how our young core responds.

  3. Some more stats…
    Per 36, compared to Durant, Giannis is averaging 9 less points on 6 less shots, 1.7 more rebounds, 0.3 more assists, 0.3 less assists, .2 less steals, .5 more blocks and has a positive 0.2 +/- compared to Durant’s negative 6.3. They’re actually pretty damn close, and Giannis didn’t play in college.

  4. If our bench has been weak of late, wouldn’t it make sense to try John Henson and Miles Plumlee together, at least some of the time? Actually, with Chicago’s bigs, wouldn’t it make sense to play John or Miles with Zaza at times? All three of our bigs seem to be playing well right now, plus it seems like both John and Miles are able to run the court and guard on the outside. With John protecting the rim with his amazing shot-blocking skills, it’d be nice to have another big man for rebounding.

    I’d like to see Jorge Gutierrez get some decent minutes in the first half of the first game, and then if he does at all well, give him more good minutes in the second half. He might be the most complete point guard on the roster for the present, and could help facilitate the second unit.

    Also, even with starting both Khris and Ers, it might be good to try to keep at least one of them on the court as much as possible with the backups, for outside shooting and to spread the floor.

    • I believe that Kidd did try to pair two bigs together recently, with very little success. I’m perfectly fine with Henson and Zaza splitting minutes at this point, as most of Plumlees time on the court has been iffy at best. As far as Gutierrez, I highly doubt he’ll get much run. He’s a minimum contract guy that lacks any scoring ability. He hustles, and that’s about it. Also, since MCW dominated the Bulls last time these two teams played, and dropped 28 in his only start against Rose, I expect him to play 30-35 minutes a night. The Bucks will probably go 4 deep on the bench, with Middleton/Giannis on the court with the bench. Mayo and Dudley provide some spacing for the bench as well.

    • TheLastoftheBucksFans

      I’m sorry, but you lose all credibility when you claim Jorge Gutierrez is the most complete PG on the roster.

      • Even if excited about MCW and/or Tyler Ennis, I think it’s fair to say that those guys are still learning the ropes in the NBA and are more or less erratic.

        I don’t think Jerryd is a true point guard, although he can do some good point guard types of things at times, as well as some good shooting guard things. He seems to by a hybrid. Also, he may be injured and/or in a slump these days.

        My hunch is that Jorge might do the best job of getting his teammates involved in the offense, plus taking care of the ball — and I think he can be at least respectable converting his shot attempts.

        I think Jorge might be the best backup for MCW in the playoffs, and as I indicated above, might be worth a couple of good opportunities to prove himself, starting with Game 1 against the Bulls.

        Since I’ve lost all credibility anyway, if MCW gets shot-happy and dribble-drumming and pass-sloppy, I’d sit him on the bench for at least a little while to regain focus and reset his priorities. At that point, I’d rather have any of the above guys in the game, or else just going with Khris or Giannis or O.J. bringing the ball up and initiating the offense.