Jerryd Bayless beat the buzzer and the Bulls

Never before has being wrong felt so thrilling.

It felt like just moments before I was discussing with someone the logistics behind leaving Jerryd Bayless on the court late in game four. What could he do that Michael Carter-Williams couldn’t do? Sure, Bayless had played an okay game, MCW isn’t a star point guard and it was clear that Jason Kidd wanted to ride out this game with a bench unit that had played incredibly well in the fourth quarter, but I still doubted leaving in Bayless.

Moments before, the ball was in his hands with less than 30 seconds to play. He missed an open Jared Dudley and ended up driving to the rim, where he flew through the air in the paint, double clutched and …. hit the bottom of the rim with the ball.

The Bulls got the rebound and it seemed like they would take the last shot. Derrick Rose dribbled around near the top of the key and began his move right around the five second mark. Bayless defended him well and Khris Middleton successfully reached his hand in for a strip.

With the clock ticking down, Middleton’s instinct was to get a shot up as quick as possible. His halfcourt heave was blocked and I thought the Bucks were heading to overtime, at least partially because of Bayless. Both because he had played well in the fourth quarter and because he wasn’t able to make anything happen on that last possession.

But Jason Kidd, ever the wise and attentive coach, called a timeout before Middleton’s shot. The Bucks had 1.3 seconds and one more chance. Bayless was still in and I still had my doubts about it.

That’s why I watched the game from the top of the 200 section and Kidd and Bayless came away victors.

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  1. Great moment for Jerryd, after a nice pass from Jared. Plus great moment for O.J. nailing a clutch three in crunch time, especially after another big three he made had just been taken away upon review. I really and truly applaud all three of those guys for outstanding games, and a terrific finish.

    Jason Kidd did well to keep these guys in this game, but I just hope the takeaway for him is not to play them too many minutes in game five. All three of these guys can be valuable contributors at about 20 minutes per game, generally speaking, and I hope they help the Bucks keep winning in this series against the Bulls — but please, let’s not get carried away.

    I’d still like to see some of Miles and Jorge. I’d actually like to see less of Khris, who’s been getting monster minutes, and seems exhausted out there; I’m genuinely concerned about his health, and hope he plays less than 36 minutes next game.

    I do appreciate Kidd keeping John Henson in down the stretch for the second game in a row. What was it, four blocks?!!! It’d be interesting to try to quantify how much his presence affects other opponent shots during the game that he doesn’t block, just by the threat of his towering agility.

    I’m so glad we got at least one win in this series, so glad! Now let’s shake the Bulls up with a stunning win in Chicago (with a couple of surprise players in Miles and Jorge) and bring another game back to Milwaukee. Let’s be creative, and daring, and along the way rock some obnoxious Bulls fans.

    • Thanks swisch u nailed it with our boy henson. Zaza is trash compared to him. Great game for the bucks to take 1 in the series I’m very proud of the growth.