Bucks unveil new jerseys

Editor’s Note: We haven’t been around much over the past month. I was suffering from a bit of Bucks burnout and needed a little break. But we’ll be back with a new podcast next week. We’ll also kick off some draft coverage. So get ready for some uninformed thoughts about player’s I’ve never heard of. – Jeremy

The Milwaukee Bucks debuted their new uniforms on Saturday afternoon at a block party near their new offices which are located only a short walk from what could be the site of their new arena in a few years. NEW THINGS!

Under Marc Lasry and Wes Edens, the Bucks have taken drastic steps at lightning speed to alter the perception of the organization. The new office space has more of a “trading room floor” type vibe. The logo was updated and the colors were changed. A year ago the new owners couldn’t find a Bucks shirt in Milwaukee’s largest department stores. Now they have team stores across the city.

The team went from the league’s worst group of veteran castoffs and youngsters to a league average group led by two players under 21 with incredible potential.¬†Even the most accomplished plastic surgeon would be impressed with the speed of this organizational facelift.



The jerseys seem cool to me. In no particular order, here are the things I like about them:

  • The cream behind the new logo on the leg of the shorts on the white jersey. It really makes it stand out and I think that looks dope.
  • That little bit of blue. I wasn’t sold on blue initially, but the way it seems to work with the other colors on these works well.
  • The possible nod to the Irish rainbow on the sides of the jersey.
  • Giannis and Jabari Parker wearing the jerseys.
  • The gold patch on the back of the neck that the NBA added last season. It signifies that the Bucks have won a title. I love that.

Here’s a video the team made of players and coaches reacting to the jerseys:

The general reaction – both locally and nationally – from the public seems positive right now. A lot of people seem to be using the fire emoji on Twitter to describe the jerseys, which is a modern-day sign of approval. Using the fire emoji on Twitter in 2015 is like if someone tipped their fedora in public 60 years ago.

Today is another good day for the Milwaukee Bucks.

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  1. The past three years have been consistently exciting as a Bucks fan. I remember first posting on this site after Giannis was drafted. That year was dreadful but it seemed to always be leading to Jabari. Now the new owners, coach, unis, expectations… I just wish I still lived in Wisconsin to be able to enjoy it with other Bucks fans! Stupid Florida.

  2. Okay, I’m kind of warming up to these uniforms. I like the blue also; maybe there could be a little more of it as trim. I miss the red, which I think goes well with the forest green, and wonder if that would look good with the new blue as part of the trim.

    One thing the Bucks have going for them is a great team name: I mean, what could be more beautiful and bounding and athletic and powerful in combination than a deer with antlers? This particular rendering of a buck is still more than a little unnerving to me in the eyes; I might have nightmares when the Bucks play the Grizzlies, with the same kind of eyes in their logo.

    Great to have Jeremy & Co., aka Bucksketball, back in business. Interested to hear what you guys have to say about the Ers trade.