Episode 44: Milwaukee Bucks Pre-Draft Podcast

The Bucksketball podcast is back after a short hiatus to discuss Milwaukee’s options at No. 17, the Ersan trade, free agency targets, Pat Benetar and much, much more.

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  1. Guys-

    A little tough love here as I am a big fan of Bucksketball. These podcasts need to punch up a bit. Do we really need 5 plus minutes on how everyone’s summer is going? The fact no one knows who the Rolling Stones are (you all must be in your 20’s)? When each of you are planning to go to Summerfest? Yuck.

    Please, please jump right into the BUCKS stuff and save us the vastly entertaining personal stuff.

    After 10 minutes or so there was some good product – so it’s not all criticism. Go Bucks!

    • I definitely know who the Rolling Stones are. I said as much on the podcast! A lot of people tell me they enjoy the personal stuff the most. What we can do is put in a timestamp for when we move on, to make it easier for you to get right to Bucks stuff. That seems like a good compromise.

    • I disagree I enjoy when you hear then talk about what they did during their time off. You can get to know everyone on the podcast. It’s good to see that they didn’t lose the fortune cookie.com sponsership. I do think the Bucks should try to move up to 10 and try and get Willie Caley Stein the defense would be amazing and I think his offense would be a project like Giannis.

  2. I was wondering what they have been doing all this time. I would like to know what is going on with JABARI? Why so much time between posts.. i mean i know this isnt there life but a few posts here and there would have been nice. Maybe its just me because i check the site everyday..twice(once in the evening and once in the am) but it seemed like a long break for updates.

  3. Not sure what the sticher is but it is not up on Itunes here in Ireland as of now. Listened to it straight off the website in the end anyway. Great job on the actual podcast content lads, rubbish effort at getting your product listened to by interested peoples. 😉

    • Didn’t turn up on iTunes in Australia either. Come on guys, I finally got around to actually writing a review on iTunes don’t leave me hanging.