Report: Bucks one of four teams that will meet with DeAndre Jordan

The Milwaukee Bucks will be one of four teams to meet with DeAndre Jordan, a dominant defender and powerful dunker of a center from the Clippers, when free agency commences on July 1 according to the LA Times:

When free agency starts at 9:01 p.m. PDT Tuesday, Jordan will be home in Houston. The officials said four teams will visit Jordan at home — the Clippers, Lakers, Mavericks and Milwaukee Bucks.

Well, this is surprising. Jordan is sure to command a max deal from one of the teams listed above. The Bucks can offer him $80 million over four years, as can the Lakers and Mavericks. The Clippers can offer $108 million over five years.

The Bucks will have around $16 million available when free agency begins, according to this helpful cap sheet from BrewHoop. They could use that $16 million and then sign Khris Middleton to whatever sort of deal they work out with him, as teams are allowed to exceed the cap to re-sign their players. Unless the Bucks are able to unload four or five million in salaries early in free agency, Jordan seems out of the question.

Meeting with a player the caliber of Jordan represents progress for the Bucks and shows the influence Jason Kidd has around the league. A year ago, the Bucks were the worst team in the league. Milwaukee was nothing but a small, cold, unsuccessful market, and the idea of meeting with one of the summer’s premier free agents was absurd. But the Bucks made significant progress last year, both on and off the court.

As a developing team in a feeble conference where an impact player could have his impact amplified, suddenly Milwaukee may not look like such an outpost anymore.

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  1. so the Bucks think Jordan is a $20 million/year player. Okay have fun with that, I will just support the team with whatever they decide

  2. This would be nuts. At the same salary, I’d rather have John Henson, yet John might be available for about half.

    I realize Jordan is an awesome athlete with a flair for the spectacular, but I’m not sure that overall he’s a better player than John, especially in the future — although I’m interested to hear other, more knowledgeable fans, make comparisons of their games.

    In his own unassuming way, John, too, is an elite shot blocker. He’s a good rebounder who figures to improve over time. John seems to be a more more refined low post scorer, and I think can develop a mid-range jumper (and hope he is doing so this summer, along with working on his free throws).

    If we’re going to get a big guy, I’d rather get an outside shooter like Spencer Hawes (plus, after arguing for Hawes for a year or so, if I remember correctly, I’d be happy for L to get his man) or I’d rather get a less expensive guy who likes to bang inside and has a better offensive game than Jordan. Also, I’d like to give Miles Plumlee more of a try.

    John seems to be a great guy, and I see him getting better and better and better. I just hope it’s with the Bucks. It saddens me that he hasn’t seemed to get more appreciation from the Bucks. I hope that changes.

    • Jordan is a much better Defensive player than Henson. He is also way more athletic than Henson. The only thing Henson does a little better is free throw shooting and that’s not by that much. The age difference is only 2 years and I would take Jordan in a sign and trade at 20 million.

      • I feel like if Henson carried the frame that DJ does this wouldn’t even be an argument, but He son still has some bad defensive habits. Still don’t believe Jordan is an elite defender, more of just a shot blocker, which doesn’t make someone elite(despite DPOY voting). As a California Bucks fan I get to see a decent amount of Jordan and he gets schooled on the regular

    • Well can’t agree that John is anywhere near the same level as Jordan. DJ has made himself into a heck of a commodity as an elite rebounder, energy guy, and solid shot blocker. I like be John, but mostly because he’s a value player at his current contract. John is a good shot blocker, but still very slight and a questionable game in/game out motor

    • If we don’t swing a trade for Spencer Hawes, then I still hope the Bucks make an offer for either Biyombo or O’Quinn and look forward to a potential future Free Agent target in Terrence Jones who’ll become a RFA after the 2015-16 season. I’m not a fan of adding G.Monroe, D.Jordan, or B.Lopez as I believe they’re overpriced and will not only take away from the development of our team’s true future stars, but possibly hurt our ability to retain them too. Still keeping my fingers crossed that J.Hammond and J.Kidd have the wherewithal to go after Spencer Hawes and to do so with Zaza Pachulia… likely will have to wait to find out if D.Jordan resigns with the Clippers.

    • I agree. I just don’t think Jordan is worth that kind of money. He would help the team no doubt, but giving him a max contract would put limitations on other young player deals in future offseasons. I know he is no spring chicken, but if we could get Chandler for a reasonable amount of money I would be happy with that. Otherwise I wouldn’t mind getting Robin Lopez for reasonable deal either. I think the Bucks really need a good BIG rebounding defensive presence under the rim. It doesn’t have to be a flashy scorer all star. Just a good defensive anchor who will crash the boards and keep opponents from scoring easily while putting up 10-12 points.

      • Getting Chandler on the cheap or obtaining R.Lopez would also be wiser moves than throwing a ton of money at either D.Jordan, B.Lopez, or G.Monroe – who I’m not a huge fan of because he doesn’t provide much rim protection.

  3. There has also been talk of meeting with Greg Monroe, which I think is one of the best additions we could make other than Brook Lopez. Having a legitimate low post threat would certainly help our scoring issues. Lopez may not be the rebounder Jordan or Monroe are, which is why I really would prefer the Monroe thing to happen if it’s true. Plus monroe is a good passer, allowing him to fill zaza’s role of running the offense out of the high post. I’m with most people about Jordan where I don’t think he’s worth the asking price, although it would be interesting/fun to watch him in person.

  4. I honestly believe this is all Jordan posturing for other teams. I don’t believe he wants to come to Milwaukee and this is a ploy to get LA or Dallas to throw more money at him. I also don’t think he is worth that much.