Bucks arena bill passes in the senate 21-10, assembly is up next

After weeks of debate, public hearings and phone calls directed at state senators, the Wisconsin State Senate approved $250 million in public subsidies for the Milwaukee Bucks new arena Wednesday night. The vote passed with ease. 21 state senators voted in favor and 10 were opposed.

The Bucks dig it. An official statement from President Peter Feigin:

“Today’s vote is a significant step forward in our collective effort to build a new sports and entertainment district in Wisconsin. We appreciate the bipartisan leadership in Madison for bringing this transformative partnership one step closer to reality. We’re optimistic that this financing package will receive support in the Assembly and look forward to working with state, county and city officials.”

The vote will now move on to the assembly. I have very little idea of how politics work, but it seems like people are very excited about last night’s vote, which appears to be a good indicator that we’ve taken a big step as a state towards getting this arena approved.

The Journal-Sentinel covered tons of details in its post on the matter last night.

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    I truly hope the guys at Bucksketball are well, and that their website isn’t dying from neglect.