Episode 45: Free Agency Primer

In this episode, Nick, Jeremy and Preston discuss the Bucks’ draft and preview what Milwaukee might look to do as free agency opens Wednesday.

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  1. This episode is not up on ITunes in Ireland. The last episode did not show up either in Ireland or Australia or on the sticher whatever that is ( check the comments on episode 44 for clarification of this) Sort it out please lads and I promise to give you a review of the requested variety.

  2. I think the Bucks will stand still. I don’t think they will get Monroe and I hope they will stand pat all the other centers have signed.

  3. I am not that excited about Monroe.

    The Bucks lived with Zaza and Henson last season. I would like to see an upgrade over Zaza but don’t break the bank. This team is based on its youth.

    With Parker playing the 4, I think an above average defensive C that can rebound would be the priority. Robin Lopez or Kosta Koufas would be guys I wouldn’t mind being brought in.

  4. Same issue as Irish Buck, iTunes doesn’t seem to be updating and doesn’t have the last two podcasts (44 and 45).

  5. al asifyouknow

    A great cast…… Vasquez did want out of the ISO heavy Casey offense.. Do you want to see the game he will have with Jason Kidd who has been trying to get Vasquez since he came to the Bucks..
    Forget about last year, look at him as a starter on a P&R team …New Orleans, had 700 + and averaged 9 a game , top 3 in the NBA.
    He has been a big contributor in three playoffs teams, not at the end of the bench holding the water bottle but contributing.
    Kidd is the fit for him. Once he get to play with all that talent on a pass first team you will be happy to have him there , Kidd gave up a lot for him so we got to think he knows what he is doing…
    Defense, well he is a Terp lol slow as hell but with your wings and the good defense you guys play he be ok.
    Casey is a terrible coach, he turned Toronto into an under .500 team after mid season…..