Report: Bucks dumping Jared Dudley’s contract

The Milwaukee Bucks will not be bringing back popular forward Jared Dudley next season.

According to a variety of reports, the Bucks will trade Dudley for a protected second round pick. So the Bucks are chopping Dudley’s salary of $4.25 million off the books and clearing out his roster spot.

Milwaukee made waves earlier in the day when reports broke that the Bucks had reached an agreement on a 3-year, $50 million contract with center Greg Monroe. On the first day of free agency, the Bucks agreed to re-sign guard/forward Khris Middleton to a 5-year, $70 million contract. So the Bucks added some significant salary over the past couple of days. Between those two deals and newly acquired Greivis Vasquez‘s $6 million, it looks like the Bucks felt there wasn’t going to be enough playing time to justify keeping Dudley around.

Dudley arrived last summer in a trade with the Los Angeles Clippers, who gave the Bucks a protected first round pick simply to clear Dudley from their cap. Dudley’s strong play last season is the reason the Bucks aren’t paying the same penalty. He averaged 7.2 points and shot 38.5% from three as he bounced back and forth between small forward and power forward. The highlight of his season was undoubtedly a 24 point, 10-10 effort (4-4 from three) in a win at Atlanta.

His voice seemed to be an active one in a locker room full of young players. The fit for Dudley was thought to be perfect, and there were even some rumors on Twitter that the team was working on an extension for Dudley beyond next season. But the NBA moves fast during the free agency recruiting period. What’s happening today can drastically change tomorrow.

Dudley appeared to enjoy his time in Milwaukee and made a very positive impression on fans.


With Monroe in town crowding up Milwaukee’s front court and Vasquez taking another spot its backcourt, apparently the Bucks felt like they have veteran leadership, size and shooting covered. The salary cap space and roster flexibility became more important than what Dudley could offer on the court.

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  1. Great Move! He was a good leader for this young team this year, but they can use his 4 million toward a defensive rim protector to spell Henson.

  2. Unexpected but understandable. Just wondering how we’re gonna spread the floor effectively though. Know that Vasquez and Mayo can take and make big shots, plus Middleton isn’t a question mark in the 3-point department.. but losing Ersan and Dudley makes us significantly less dangerous in stretching the floor. Plus Dudley was a high basketball IQ guy. Hope Giannis and MCW are working hard-core on their jump shots this summer

  3. Sad to see this. Not a huge loss as far as basketball talent, but I am worried about the loss of leadership. It is hard to truly know the dynamics of the team from outside, but it sure seemed like Dudley was extremely important as a leader for the team and helped to set attitude and expectations for all the young guys. I wish Dudley the best – and mean it! Not many recent ex-Bucks I can say that about.

  4. I dont like this move…i know hes not the best player but he was a spark off the bench…great character guy

  5. Without knowing where they intend on spending the money, I do not like this move at all. Beyond just his on-court performance, where he was a very solid three point shooter who could also rebound the ball effectively even as an undersized stretch four, he was a glue guy, a chemistry guy who clearly had a major positive effect on this team last season.

  6. So don’t care he got traded. I like the guy but wit all these other moves he’d have like 10 mins of playing time.

      • pretty sure Damien Inglis is gonna get those vacated minutes, plus Middleton plays SF in small ball situations

  7. Think about the rotation, guys.
    Kidd likes to go 9 deep.

    MCW, Khris, G, Jabari and Monroe all going to get 30+ minutes.
    Vasquez, Bayless, OJ, Zaza, Henson all deserve 20 mins/game but there aren’t enough.
    Ennis, Vaughn, Inglis, JOB, Plumlee are comprised of 3 guys who got into rotations last year and 2 well thought of draft picks, including a 1st Rounder.

    Tell me where Dudley plays?

    This is a necessary move given the Monroe signing. It frees up some cap space under the tax threshold, gives Duds a chance to play and moves the team one step ‘younger’.