Report says Kidd will take over as GM soon, Bucks say nah

According to, the Milwaukee Bucks will soon make Jason Kidd officially responsible for all basketball operations:

The Milwaukee Bucks are expected to turn basketball operations over to Coach Jason Kidd this week, replacing John Hammond, who has been general manager since 2008, according to three different sources.

The Milwaukee Bucks issued a statement late Sunday evening after the report broke saying the report was “unequivocally not true.”

This is kind of a fun exercise because it’s difficult to figure out who to trust. On a personal level, I’ve come to assume nearly every non-announcement communication originating from a sports organization regarding personnel or strategy is a lie. On the other hand, hasn’t been a source of breaking news very often when it comes to the Bucks, and I can’t remember the last time Dave Begel broke an important sports news story. But is a news organization with reporting standards, so I’m of the mind that there is at least something to this.

Maybe Jason Kidd won’t be taking the specific role of general manager any time soon, but that might just be semantics to some extent. Regardless of what his title is, Milwaukee’s moves over the past 12 months indicate Kidd’s involved in personnel decisions in a way recent Bucks coaches haven’t been.

Kidd was officially named head coach of the Milwaukee Bucks on July 2 of 2014. Let’s track Milwaukee’s transactions since that date:

Jerryd Bayless – Shares an agent with Kidd
Kendall Marshall – No obvious ties to Kidd
Jared Dudley – No obvious ties to Kidd
Kenyon Martin – Ex-teammate of Kidd
Jorge Gutierrez – Played for Kidd on the Nets
Michael Carter-Williams  – Shares an agent with Kidd
Tyler Ennis – Part of the MCW deal
Miles Plumlee – Part of the MCW deal
Chris Johnson – No obvious ties to Kidd
Greivis Vasquez – No obvious ties to Kidd
Rashad Vaughn – Shares an agent with Kidd
Greg Monroe – No obvious ties to Kidd

Maybe it’s coincidental that Milwaukee has brought on a bunch of Kidd’s agent’s clients, but it seems like it’d be quite a coincidence.

It’s not even necessarily nefarious that Kidd is using his status around the league or maybe communicating with players who has common links with to recruit players to Milwaukee. One of the big draws to having Jason Kidd as a coach is his celebrity. Tyson Chandler seemed flattered when Kidd reached out to him about playing for the Bucks. Milwaukee may never have even gotten into the meeting with Greg Monroe if it weren’t for Kidd. There are very real benefits to having Kidd around, aside from his coaching ability, which has proven quite impressive.

But could Kidd succeed overseeing all basketball operations and coaching the team? If he did, he’s be one of the first guys to do it.

In the NBA last season, only Doc Rivers of the Clippers and Stan Van Gundy of the Pistons both had titles of coach and president of basketball operations, with Mike Budenholzer joining them after the season. All three organizations employ a general manager, Dave Wohl for the Clippers, Jeff Bower for the Pistons and Wes Wilcox for the Hawks. Rivers came under fire last season for stocking his bench with ex-Boston players (Glen Davis, Nate Robinson, Lester Hudson) and trading for his son Austin. Van Gundy has only been in Detroit for one season but made headlines when he released Josh Smith outright, eating more than $26 million in salary.

The most likely scenario to play out this summer is no public changes to the Bucks’ organizational structure. But if a change were to happen it seems likely that Hammond would remain in the GM role at least through next season – the last of his contract – with Kidd having the final say on all moves in a president or VP type role. It’s possible Kidd’s influence extends that far already privately, but the Bucks have denied that that is the case.

Milwaukee does have some history of coaches with final or almost final say on roster moves. Mike Dunleavy Sr. was effectively given the keys to the kingdom back in 1992. He signed a seven-year contract to serve as head coach and added the title of vice president of basketball operations four months later. Spoiler alert: He lost the coaching job four years later and the VP job a year after that.

In 1998, George Karl was hired as head coach but he certainly influenced on personnel matters. Karl seemed to work harmoniously with general manager Ernie Grunfeld throughout the late 90s and early 2000s until both left in the summer of 2003. It was clear Karl had a significant amount of input into basketball decisions from the moment he arrived in Milwaukee until the moment he left. That sort of influence allowed the trade of Ray Allen for Gary Payton (unfortunately for his sake) to be part of his lasting legacy.

Certainly it seemed like Karl the coach that was frustrated with one of his players let his day-to-day interactions with a player get the best of the organization. The Bucks traded a still burgeoning star and franchise player for a declining veteran seven years his senior because their coach used to love that dude. That’s where a coach overseeing a franchise can get a little dicey. Having a buffer is important and that buffer becomes even more valuable when the buffer has final say. A GM who can hold off on making a deal while trying to play peacemaker and weighing his options is a valuable commodity.

Hopefully for their sake, the Bucks have done their research, understand that value and weigh the risk of losing that sort of guy before making any major decisions this summer.

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  1. Yes, Hammond has a questionable past, but please dont do this. Two heads are better than one. We need both of them so they can look at the franchise in more than just one way. What os the announcement about today in Madison?

    • Hammond is impossible to rate from the outside. He gets a pass for several mistakes due to the just make the playoffs mandate under Kohl. Of course I mean the Tobias trade. Imagine if we had him on the roster last year and what we could have gotten in a Knight style trade if we just waited. Reddick was a waste.
      He has been solid in the draft, after his initial whiff (Alexander). Jennings, Sanders, Harris, Henson, Giannis, and Parker… All consecutive first round picks with few players taken after them that the bucks “missed” on.
      He has swung three trades that basically turned an expiring Brandon Jennings into Middleton, MCW, Vasquez, ennis, Plumlee and cap space.
      Greg Monroe signing is great, but is that him or Kidd? Probably Kidds appeal helped, but Hammonds drafted players is what made it possible.
      The three recent trades seem like we got less value. Ersan is a solid role player, who we gave up for cap space, albeit to sign Monroe. What if we missed on Monroe? Could we have waited until someone stuck out in free agency and them make the trade?
      Dudley was a solid role player on a great rate plus he wanted to stay. We got a second.
      Vazquez… Why trade a first and second for a backup? Sure he could become a starter if MCW struggles, but then we have to pay him to be a starter in a year. $10mil at least. Could have signed Beverly for similar current price of $6mil for three years and no loss of picks. Or Belinelli. Or Ridnor. Or Lin. Again, Hammond has been a solid drafter, why not give him as many chances as possible. If the Sixers had Hammond like draft success they might be the best team ever with all their picks.
      It’s got to be tough for Hammond. He has been the GM of the team that just underwent a promising turnaround that shows long term sustainability and he might get canned. Normally a GM has ultimate control. It seems like The owners just keep him around as a figure head. He deserves more respect.
      As noted in the article, a coach needs someone to protect the coach from themselves. If Kidd wants to trade away picks for backup vets with his same agent, our long term potential gets butchered.
      We need to keep restocking this team thru the draft, packers style. Free agency is normally not the way to go. Draft and develop. Take a shot when the opportunity calls for it. Like they did with Monroe.

  2. I have no issue if Kidd takes over Basketball Operations. But Hammond should stay on as GM for as long as he wants to stay on. He has proven to be good at his job. And if he wants to move on to a situation where he can have more autonomy, I have no issue with that. But Kidd should bring in a GM that he would trust (but still willing to disagree with him) to do the player evaluations and work the trades.

    From what I hear Kidd is a gym rat. I don’t think it is possible to be GM and Coach and do both jobs effectively.

  3. If the Bucks make Kidd the President/GM they might as well hang a sign outside of the Bradley Center that says MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. This is still a 41-win team in the Eastern Conference. As Winston Wolf would say “let’s not all start sucking each other’s….”

    Well, you get the point.

  4. Of course this is what is going to happen. That has been the plan all along. Kidd wants to be Phil, Riley, S Van Gundy, Pop etc …

    The owners got him with this move on the table. In a month or so Hammond will announce he’s been offered a top b ball job elsewhere he just couldn’t refuse. He will take it. Then Kidd will with much “regret” will take on GM and President of B ball job. Just like it’s been planned from the start. Of course, the Monroe get did not hurt Kidd all.

    The bigger meaning is Kidd will be seen as a a major player in the league as a mover and shaker. Free agents will have to consider Milwaukee each and every year. It’s a great time to be a Bucks fan. Build the Arena!

  5. Berdj J. Rassam

    I have a lot of respect for J Kidd’s game knowledge, but this may be too much too soon for him.