Episode 47: Rise and Fire!

In this episode, Nick, Jeremy and Preston talk about the decision to extend GM John Hammond’s contract and the recent additions of Gus and Marques Johnson to the Fox Sports Wisconsin telecasts.

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  1. I always like when the group gets off topic it humanizes the group. I like Gus Johnson his voice is awesome and he really gets into it. I think Hammond should be kept just based on his drafting alone.

  2. I enjoyed this guys! Good to see some new content on the site again. Have you guys been following Giannis in the Euro league? Any updates on Jabari, I think I heard he will be playing the start of the season but on limited minutes.

  3. Good to hear you guys are back and talking Bucks hoops.

    No question, the new team leaders/owners want to go national and big time. Kidd is a national figure. Giannis and Jabari are national/international figures.Marques and Gus Johnson are known nationally. Gus Johnson reminds me a bit of Ted Davis with his hyper excited approach to broadcasting.

    The new leadership seems to have a knack for acquiring assets and holding on to them ie: Hammond. Hammond saved his butt with getting Giannis (his scouting) and the Jennings/Knight trade. Without that he’s likely gone. But his drafting and ability to get rid of bad decisions is a talent.

    Keeping Johnny Mac and Pasche is a nice old/new flavor for the TV broadcast.

    I can’r wait for ground to be broken for the new arena. Cause that means the team will not be moved no matter what “great” ideas the New Yorkers get in their collective minds. Go Bucks!