Episode 55: We did it, we talked about the Bucks

In this episode, Nick, Jeremy and Preston discuss the whirlwind of storylines — both on the court and off — currently surrounding the 10-17 Milwaukee Bucks following back-to-back losses to the Lakers and Clippers.

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  1. I writing this only cause you have no post yet on the Warriors game.

    Here is what is clear to me:

    -Greg Monroe is fools gold. He can score and he can rebound. But as soon as he steps on the floor the defensive paint is wide open. He’s a dead asset. The last quarter against Golden State they had several wide open lane drives. he has no d game.

    -Let’s stop with f …. around with John Henson. it’s time to trade him and get the best that they can get for him. Can the Bucks disrespect Henson any more than they already have? Year after year they play sub standards player over him. But then turn around and sign him to a big contract deal. Who’s jerking who? Monroe has a knee prob. all of a sudden Miles Plumlee who hadn’t played in 8 games elevates over Henson? What a joke. Also it reduces Henson’s trade value. What are the Bucks thinking?

    -I hate to say this but I will- Kidd is a shit coach. He played Plums, Vaughn, JOB and Mayo for half of the 4th quarter when we were well ahead and of course Golden State jumped all a over that. The truth is … the Bucks have plenty of talent to win but not under Kidd’s insane “game management”. he’s a jack ass.

  2. rowe49, I hear ya about John Henson. Why don’t the Bucks give him at least 20 minutes per game for at least half a season, and see what he does? I don’t think John has ever had this opportunity; it seems like he’s been treated pretty much as an afterthought, if not a scrub, for his whole time with the Bucks. Also, he’s had four iffy coaches and no superior point guards. I don’t think many players would excel under such circumstances.
    I’m concerned that we have another Tobias debacle on our hands, with the Bucks wasting another good young player, the difference being that the Henson fiasco has dragged on an infuriating three or four years. As much as I’d hate to lose John, it might be time to let him go to a team that really wants him, and knows how to develop him.

  3. I’m seeing all the comments and articles today on Miles Plumlee playing well and deserving of minutes over John Henson.

    I guess a lot of people forgot about his “sterling” 24 minutes 2 point 3 rebounding gem against the clippers just a couple days ago. Look, as a Bucks fan I’m happy Plums played well against Golden State. But the across the board disdain for Henson is beyond me.

    It doesn’t matter any more cause’ it’s too late. Swisch is right. It’s better for all parties involved to move Henson and get on with our lives. He certainly will never get an honest chance in Milwaukee.

  4. Yeah this year’s Bucks team is very weird. The have games were they look really good and others they lose to the Lakers by 20. I don’t know why this team can’t win on the road buy I hope they can figure it out.