Episode 57: Make Jabari Great Again

In this episode, Nick, Jeremy and Preston discuss the importance of three-point shooting, analyze (again) Jabari Parker’s slow start, and hand out some mid-season awards. Jeremy also leads the crusade against Khris Middleton.

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  1. Rick from Mishicot

    I concur with Jeremy. Giannis is most impactful. Khris is a fine complimentary player who’s simply filling an offensive void.

    Problem: Team needs an offensive heirarchy w/ more plays for the future (Giannis & Jabari). Too often, they drift in the corner or are playing hot potato without so much as a glance at the hoop. That behavior is ingrained in practice so I blame that on coaching scheme. Offense by committee is fine and dandy but Jabari’s usage rate is on par with Mayo, Bayless, and Henson. A hopeful piece of our championship future is being treated like role player.
    Solution: Decrease Monroe’s touches in favor of more for Jabari. Monroe is a known commodity, a pillar of decent-ness if you will. Doesnt look like the ceiling rises much further. Monroe’s consistency has kept our offense afloat at times but he will never be Shaq. Give the kids with potential more of a shot and let them sink or swim.

    PS. your twitter links have been redirecting me to shady websites. Figure it out. ( Probably my phone but whatever)

    PPS. Im all in on Bart Houston.

  2. As a Minnesota resident who had the dubious honor of watching Derrick Williams play ( a lot), I can say that Jabari Parker has a lot more potential than Derrick Williams. Parker is MUCH more aggressive and a better penetrator/cutter than Williams, he takes betters shots, and he shares the ball more. Williams would only take jump shots from the top of the key, often at inopportune times or when a better option was available. In the last two games (Vs CHI and WASH), I’ve seen a more aggressive and explosive Jabari. his jump shots were quick and sharp. He wasn’t hesitating or drifting as he had been prone to do in the past. Additionally, with the few post baskets he made, he was more aggressive and (again) less hesitant. I think Kidd has some reigns on him. If you recall, Kidd said that Parker would be a good stretch 3 in a couple of years which leads me to believe that Kidd does not want him taking certain shots without having perfected them.

  3. Great episode guys. I am a big fan of this podcast and like what each of you bring to the table every episode. I’ve always found the non bucks talk in he beginnings pretty entertaining. I also do not care whatsoever how many times any of you say a word (crazy right?). Keep doing what you’re doing. I really liked the takes on the MVP and LVP. I think I have to lean a little more to agreement with Jeremy on that one. Middleton has been doing quite well. I think he has bailed the Bucks out plenty of times and for sure been very important this season. However, what I have noticed is the Giannis effect: when Giannis plays well, the team plays well, when he plays poorly, the team plays poorly. I don’t get that same sense with Middleton. Sure without his shooting the Bucks would have no three point threat at all and there have been games that without his production they would not have won. But he doesn’t affect the team in the same way that Giannis’ play seems to do.