A game recapped through the taunts of an opposing fan: Hornets 115 – Bucks 91

The Milwaukee Bucks lost 115-91 to the Charlotte Hornets on Saturday night. It was their fifth straight loss and this season can’t end soon enough. The whole team played poorly. It was a drag of a game and one too similar to other eggs we’ve seen the team lay in the past couple weeks.

Without question, the most exciting part of the game was a fan sitting a few rows behind me. He was basically Randy Quaid from Major League, right down the voice, except he was a huge Hornets fan and appeared to be sober. He spent the evening SCREAMING both to heckle the Bucks and support the Hornets.

These were his screams.


Rashad Vaughn played some rare first quarter minutes. The first thing he did was get his shot blocked by Marvin Williams. Until a brief stretch in the fourth quarter where he made a three and a layup, things wouldn’t get any better the rest of the way for him in his first game back with the Bucks after averaging eight points in 21 minutes per game with the Canton Charge.

I made a comment on Twitter during the game that Vaughn hasn’t done much to give Bucks fans hope. People got very sensitive about the issue. One person told me he’d prove me wrong. Another person said I was too hard on him. A common theme was “HE’S 19! GIVE HIM SOME TIME!”

He may end up being a productive NBA player yet, but that doesn’t change the fact that he hasn’t done anything that suggests any consistently strong play will come in the future. Don’t be so sensitive about players, fans.


Tyler Zeller powers a basket through Greg Monroe, blocks the walking cement truck’s shot on the other end and then tips in a missed shot by Courtney Lee to put the Hornets up 19-8. Monroe finished the game with 12 points on 3-7 shooting and six rebounds in 23 minutes.


This weird yell came after Jerryd Bayless missed a jumper wide left of the rim. Bayless attempted to plead his case with the refs to no avail. He was looking for answers, as were the rest of the Bucks. Bayless would finish the night 1-7 with two points.

26-13 Hornets.


For a moment, the Bucks looked capable. The Henson/Plumlee duo wasn’t a complete failure, as they kept the team within striking distance when surrounded by Ennis, Giannis and Parker. But the lead extended to 31-17 after banked in jumper from Frank Kaminsky. Plumlee ran him off the 3-point line, and he certainly appeared to get lucky on the shot. He did almost the same thing on the next possession, and it looked every bit as much fortune as skill.


Nicolas Batum hit a three to give him 23 first half points and the Hornets a 50-34 lead. At this point, Batum had scored the last 13 points for the Hornets, and he looked unstoppable. He would cool off the rest of the way and finish with only 25 points. But the taunt from Hornets guy? It was downright prophetic.

Charlotte finished the game with 16 3-pointers.


Marvin Williams hits a corner three to put the Hornets up 65-46 about halfway through the third quarter. The third quarter is where things got out of hand. Charlotte made seven threes in the quarter and unofficially put the game away.


Kind of a basic insult, but it felt about right. Hornets guy was probably getting tired from screaming at one of the refs whose name slips my mind somehow. He rode this guy all game long, which was curious, given the Hornets monster lead throughout the night.

But this one came after a missed fastbreak layup by Inglis with the Bucks down 105-81. It was officially garbage time at this point.


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