Episode 63: He’ll never stop being The Juice

In this episode, Nick, Jeremy and Preston break down Monday’s loss to the Bulls and Wednesday’s win over the Heat, talk about the future of O.J. Mayo, debate who should play center, shoutout the blimp, and much more.

As you’ll notice, we’ve added a new wrinkle to the podcast and started inserting drops. They’ll probably (and by probably I mean definitely) be a little rough for a few episodes, but please bear with us. Jeremy said if you don’t like the drops he will “personally fight each and every one of you” and no one wants that.

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  1. Great episode guys. Love the drops. I am thinking Mayo is gone. He seems to get lazy after a stretch of improved play and gains weight, gets technicals, seems lazy. Thinking this season he’s the pulp, not the juice.
    I am of the belief that Plumlee is a little more tough on defense and bodies up on defense better than Henson. Henson blocks shots, but he’s a string bean and gets outmuscled a lot. Also, Plumlee seems to finish better than Henson on fast breaks and pick and rolls. He’s just more athletic. I’ve noticed he boxes out better as well. I am wondering if Plumlee is kept, should the Bucks trade Henson? Or I am leaning more towards Milwaukee using a Henson Plumlee tandem as long as they get better at rebounding.
    I have to agree with Jeremy: Ennis sucks. Okay, I know he didn’t really say that, but watching him on defense is a very painful thing to do. I’ll hope he improves, but when he’s getting just as many turnovers as points, I’m not holding my breath. Thanks again for the good episode. Keep it up fellas.

    • Love the name.

      We’re spending 10 minutes on Better Call Saul next episode whether Nick or Preston want to or not.

  2. Might we already have our point guard for the next so many years on our roster?……Jerrod Bayless. He fits the combo gard type that we need and he knows the system. Just a thought.

  3. I’m actually very excited to see Ennis get a chance with this team. Even though his shooting numbers are not that great, I feel like a guy that only gets small increments of playing time won’t end up shooting/playing very well without a significant run. Once he gets a rhythym going/gets comfortable he might actually start to show something. He’s still very young, and he showed a spark toward the end of his freshaman year in college…but maybe it’s just me that feels this way.