Episode 67: Make Dwight Howard Great Again

In this episode, Nick, Jeremy and Preston discuss the future of the center position, specifically focusing on rumors that Dwight Howard could sign with Milwaukee this summer. The guys unanimously agree that it would be a great move.

ALSO: As mentioned on the podcast, HERE is where you can donate to Pathfinders of Milwaukee, as well as find additional information about the organization. They do outstanding work and truly put your donations to great use helping young people in the Milwaukee area get their lives back on track.

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  1. Haha I enjoyed the podcast as always. I am unsure if Dwight would fit in with the team and the organization. I would be more of Boogie guy because he is in his prime. If they could get him for the right price I would be down.

  2. ╱╱▏╱▏╱▏╱╱╱╱╱╱▏╱╱╱╱╱▏

  3. If they sign Dwight Howard this summer, the Bucks will be doom. He is the old center with a bad back. He wants 30 mil per year. He isn’t a dominant center as he was 5 years ago. He doesn’t show intensity and cares much about winning.

  4. Something about Dwight Howard just doesn’t seem right. The statistics are there but everything else makes me cringe when I watch him. All of the drama and media following that comes with Dwight Howard just seems like it would mess with what the Bucks are trying to do.

  5. Not a Howard fan either, but more so because I don’t think he’d fit with the Bucks. I also would not want the Bucks to pay for him. Roll the dice on a C in the draft and/or Plumlee and Henson. I also think it’s really cool that you guys pointed out the Pathfinders organization. I heard about them on TMJ4 a while ago and they look like a really good organization. Good on you for using your platform and getting the word out!