Episode 68: State of the guard position

In this episode, Nick, Jeremy and Preston discuss the future of the Bucks’ backcourt, taking a look at the current roster, as well as potential offseason additions. Topics also include: Draft lottery, value of shooting, Baseball fights, Kelly Olynyk (again), Draft Combine, Matthew Dellavedova, and much more.

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  1. Great podcast i enjoyed as always. I would be happy if the Bucks brought back Bayless. I think they should draft best player on their board in the draft. I don’t think the Bucks are good enough to eliminate positions that they wont draft. I do hope the Bucks get number 1 that would be interesting to see what they would do with the pick.

  2. Michael Redds Knees

    Seth Curry is expected to opt out of his contract. When Rondo went down, he put up like 16/3/4 on 46% 3 point shooting as a starter. Sign him, bring back Duds to back up Parker, trade Monroe, draft well, and the Bucks are back in the playoffs. I’d be extremely disappointed if they don’t pursue him.

  3. As far as sports being a professional work environment, it is for sure different. BUT look at the Blake Griffin situation. He punched a coworker and had disciplinary action and I’m willing to bet that if the equipment guy wanted he could have sued him. Why is that any different than punching an opposing player? It’s sports and yes it’s different or how it has always been, but it is interesting that until now I’ve never thought about why a blind eye is turned to violence in them. Sure suspensions happen, but that is nothing. Again with Griffin I wonder what would have happened had social media and news sources been as strong in the 90’s when Michael Jordan punched either Steve Kerr or Horace Grant in practice.