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Just enough … for once: Bucks 99 – Bulls 97

It’s a part of his game that will prove crucial down the road, but think about it for a second. If you had Jennings talent, would you ever do anything but drive by people and shoot three’s when you were in high school? Who could stop him from doing either? Sure, he probably had opportunities to work on the floater and in-between game in Europe, but it was hardly any more necessary there than it was in high school. He wasn’t getting minutes anyway and who knew what the NBA would hold. I’m confident he’ll straighten this thing out by the end of the year or by the start of next.

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Game 16 preview: Bucks vs. Bulls

If anyone is operating on the illusion that playing point guard in the NBA is easy, you can look to Brandon Jennings and Derrick Rose for confirmation that that theory is flawed. Jennings has fallen on hard times since the media storm that’s encompassed him since his 55-point game. Rose has struggled some in his second NBA season, likely due to an ankle injury and a suspect jump-shot. He’s getting to the rim less and having to settle for more mid-range jump shots. And as I said, he’s not particularly good at shooting mid-range or long distance jump shots, hitting just 40 percent of his 16-23 foot jumpers while pretty much completely foregoing the three (1-6 on the year). Rose’s inability to shoot the three makes him a little easier to guard and Jennings confidence at home makes him more liable to have a big day offensively. The Bulls don’t have a Dwight Howard roaming the paint to deter him inside. Could be a nice day.

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