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Help Arrives: Bucks 87 – Wolves 72

While it’s encouraging that the Bucks put some room between themselves and the true bottom feeders of the NBA by picking up the win, it’s still concerning that they’ve yet to put anything close to a full game together. Against the Pistons they used a similar strong third quarter to set themselves up for a win after a poor start. In Chicago, the Bucks came out hot and had an 18 point lead early in the third quarter before wilting down the stretch and blowing a great opportunity. If the Bucks hope to battle for that eighth seed this season, they’ll need to string together four quarters at a time rather than just one or two. Against Minnesota, two quarters will do. Against the Bulls or the Heat or the Hawks? It’s not the recipe for success.

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Redd Out Two Weeks

But if the Bucks are looking for any additional fire power now that they’ve lost someone they expected to be their leading scorer coming into the year, this might be Jodie Meeks big break.

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TrueHoop Network 2009-10 Season Preview: Milwaukee Bucks

I noted in a post last week that it was my season preview. That was kind of a lie. It wasn’t a total lie, it was more of a partial lie. That was my philosophical preview of where the Bucks sit as a franchise right now. I’ve actually been crafting my season preview with a certain set of guidelines. The guidelines follow and this is my ACTUAL season preview that will appear in the TrueHoop Network’s NBA Preview Magazine.

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