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The Wizards are much more of that 4-3 team they are with Jamison than the 2-7 team they were without him. But that still doesn’t mean they are all that great. They seem to be searching for consistency and energy after every single game. has a terrific montage of interview clips after their last game, at home mind you, a loss against the Bobcats. The recurring theme? Energy. The Wizards have the talent to assume it’s an 82 game season and wins can be made up. They have guys who’ve won together, made playoff runs and seen success. They assume they can do it again and will do it when push comes to shove. Their waiting, not acting.

The Bucks might have as much talent, but their leaders (Bogut and Bell) have seen a lot of losses over the past five years. They want every single win. Have you heard anyone on the Bucks even mention energy in a loss this year? That’s one thing Bucks fans have not had to think twice about. They’ve wanted every single game. It comes with the territory when a team suddenly appears good after having sucked for years and years. Each game probably means a little more to them than it does the other team. So that’s why I think they’ll come out with this one.

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